November 7, 2006 9:56 pm

Civic Duty

:note: Harry and the Potters – “Save Ginny Weasley”

Did you vote today? I hope so. Daniel and I voted a while ago because we get our ballots in the mail. Does that mean they’re absentee ballots? I don’t know. Either way, we voted, and I’m happy to report that the Democrats did in fact get the 15 seats they needed in order to take control of the House! Woo-hoo! I’m following progress on the BBC’s website. For some reason, they always seem to have great election coverage that’s easy to interpret.

The Left is still a bit behind in the Senate, but in general I’m feeling pretty good about this election. It’s not like two years ago when I sat at my computer in shock, staring at all the red-colored states on the BBC’s election watch page. I don’t feel a sense of doom and gloom.

(Side note: please do not judge me on the quality of my posts from two years ago. I went back and re-read a bunch of them after linking those two, and ye gods they are awful. I nearly had a mind to either delete them all or set them all to “private” so nobody but me can see them because they are that bad. Gross overuse of slang, smilies, and name-dropping of people nobody but me probably know. Please avoid.)

So, yes; If you live in the States I sincerely hope you went and voted, even if I don’t agree how you voted. (I did notice that Santorum got defeated, though – hurray!)

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