November 2, 2004 7:05 pm

Election Day!

How exciting! I really hope our country makes the correct choice. I was going to say “right” choice, but that’s not really true considering I don’t want people to vote “right,” I want them to vote LEFT. Go Kerry. :star:

Part of the reason I want Kerry to be the president is for the safety and sanctity of the whole freakin’ rest of the world. :thinking: There’s so many people on dooce’s daily photo comment page that are saying that they’re not from America but they hope we do the right thing. How frustrating that must be to be in a completely different country, unable to do anything, and just wishing and hoping that the idiot Americans don’t elect some fucker again. :devil:

In the spirit of election day and not voting for some stupid motherfucker, here is “WWIII” by KMFDM:

I declare war on the world
War in outer space
I declare war in a nutshell
War all over the place

I declare war on every government
War against all odds
I declare war on your inner sanctum
On your blood thirsty gods

I declare war on the axis of morons
All out war on complacent consent
I declare war on the war against drugs
Rape and Slaughter of the innocent

War on big brother
Warmongers and profiteers
War on your dogma, Dubya
Armageddon’s engineers

War in a heartbeat
I declare war on so-called civilization
World trade globalization
Organized desinformation

War on ambassadors of pretense
War on MTV and CNN
McDonald’s, Walt Disney, and Bethlehem
On Christina, Britney, and Eminem

I declare war on the world of anti-choice
On violent unilaterality
On the amassment of murderous high-tech toys
And all crimes against humanity

War on the moral majority
On corparate dot-com imperialism
On mindlessly bumbling stupidity
And police-state terrorism

World War Three – be all that you can be

I’m scared. :shock: When do we find out who won? Nobody seems to know – I’ve asked quite a few people. And I’m in absolute denial that Bush will win. Absolute fucking denial. It just isn’t going to happen. :)

On a brighter note, I just voted in an online poll, and check out the awesomeness of the results:

live poll

We might win after all! :D

[edit: 8:45pm] Kerry is catching up! He got Washington AND California! :D :D :D
kerry washington

[edit: 9:45pm] Things are getting increasingly ugly. Kerry got Oregon, which is super awesome. I really didn’t think he wouldn’t, but now at least I can sleep knowing I did my part and it paid off. WTF is wrong with THE ENTIRE MIDDLE OF THE NATION? Do they not realize what a vote for Bush means? I’m getting to the point where I feel like I need a stiff drink, and I totally don’t drink. Mountain Dew will have to suffice, but I’m still freaked out. I’m tempted to close the five different election-results windows I have up, and just go to bed and find out my destiny tomorrow. I feel like I need to go out and do something, like personally call somebody in Ohio and tell them to vote Democratic. I know I can’t, but somehow I feel like I haven’t done my part because Bush is still very much in the running. :mad: [/edit]

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