November 3, 2004 7:37 am

Election Day Continued…

Oog. :shock: Supposedly Bush is in the lead right now, with 254 electoral votes to Kerry’s 252. So basically, this whole thing is riding on Ohio, which looks like it’s going to go for Bush. How fucking disappointing. :sad: I swear to god… I will have absolutely no faith in this country…

There will probably be more edits to this update as the day goes on. Right now, I need to get dressed for school. :|

[edit: 10am] :rage:
Everything is going wrong. MSNBC is saying Bush won, and is delaying a victory speech to “give Senator Kerry the respect of more time to reflect on the results of this election.” Kerry has been saying he’s not just going to concede, and that he’s going to fight to see that every vote gets counted. I say go for it. It’s close enough in Ohio that it might make a difference. Kerry’s supposed to give an official statement later today, so I guess that’s when we’ll hear what he’s going to do. I really hope he doesn’t just concede the election; what if he actually ends up winning Ohio? How great would that be?

I’m trying to be optimistic, and I’m looking at the BBC news website about it (I figure they probably know more about what’s going on than we do) and some of the comments left there are absolutely appalling.

Whether the world accepts it or not, the re-election of George W Bush will be the best thing that happened to the security of peaceful nations. I’m not trying to boast here, but just stating a fact. Many nations are dependent on the US military to maintain global order. When are people going to realise that terrorists are not honourable martyrs, but thugs and assassins?
Danny, Dallas, Texas, USA

How fucking horrendous. :sad: [/edit]

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