November 24, 2013 11:35 pm


Our friends host a Thanksgiving dinner every year, and this year we volunteered to bring stuffing and a pumpkin pie.

Mostly I volunteered the stuffing because I love boxed stuffing mix! Everybody tries to get all fancy with celery and whatnot and I’m just not into it.

Our pumpkin pie recipe is actually vegan, but if I say that then it sounds weird. The main difference is that instead of using eggs as the base, it uses silken tofu. I’ve served it to my very meat-and-potatoes family before and they totally couldn’t tell it was made from tofu – it’s really good.

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  • Audrey says:

    Honestly, I’m in the same situation. We’re going to a friendsgiving, bringing stuffing, and bringing pumpkin pie. I called my Nana to find out her stuffing recipe, and she said she just makes the boxed stuff! It is so delicious and very easy, which I am glad for because I am a lazy cook. So much so we’re just bringing a Costco pumpkin pie. It won’t be vegan — you’re either in or you’re out.