December 10, 2009 6:50 pm

22 weeks

This post has next to nothing to do with babies or pregnancy but gets progressively more exciting as you read on. I promise.

Apropos of nothing: Law & Order SVU, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE? Netflix has recently added a bunch of Law & Order episodes to the Instant Play option and I have watched SO MANY EPISODES this week. I love watching and reading crime stuff like that.

Also: Law & Order is SO much better than CSI. I always think that I like CSI but every time I watch an episode I am never sure whether it is a joke or not because the whole show is so CHEESY. Bad puns! Over-the-top dramatic acting! Totally absurd plot twists that Daniel mockingly suggests to me, only to have THAT VERY THING happen in the next scene!

(You will recall that while we have a television, we do not have television, like channels or cable. We use the TV for the Xbox/other video game consoles and DVD watching. I therefore miss out on all current television and catch up months or years down the line when it becomes available on Netflix.)

I got all my Christmas shopping done.

My tactic: Shopping Black Friday exclusively online, from the comfort of my own home. I make a spreadsheet for what I’m planning on getting and where (including links where necessary) and have at it. I’ve done this a few years in a row now and let me tell you, it’s SO NICE to be done by early December. No stress.

I injured myself finishing my Christmas shopping.

Even though my shopping tactic is lovely and effective, Daniel and I had two people we still needed to buy for last Saturday, so we set off downtown. WHY I thought it would be a good idea to walk all over kingdom come for hours and hours I have NO IDEA, but by the time we got home I could barely move. My pelvis felt so bad and hurty and my back felt bad and hurty and UGH. I tried sitting. I tried laying down. I tried laying on the floor. Everything hurt. I felt a little better on Sunday, but still definitely painful.

I got a pedicure!

And I think it improved my pelvic pain. It sounds hilariously weird but hear me out. Kerri and I went to get a pedicure at our usual place. The chairs they have are the silly massage kind with the attached remote control. I turned my chair on and immediately noticed these butt-squeezy massage things that I swear I have never experienced the other couple of times I’ve gotten a pedicure there. It squished your buns from the sides and then this sort of panel came up between your cheeks, kind of like a bike seat.

It was the WEIRDEST EVER and I kept giggling to Kerri about it, because seriously? A buttcheek massage? I don’t know. And then I wanted my chair to stop being so recliney because I wasn’t even touching the back of the seat, so I pressed the “forward” button but it went REALLY far forward and I almost couldn’t see Kerri anymore over the side of my chair. More giggling. I couldn’t get it to go back down! Plus, it was so jiggly that I finally had to turn it off because the pedicure girl kept telling me to stop moving. Whoops!

All this to say that we did that on Sunday and so far this week my hips/pelvis have felt very much improved. I am not cured, obviously, as I am still pregnant and achey but oh man, the difference is great. Pedicure chair FTW. Now all I need is a massage.

22 Weeks:

20-22 Week Comparison

I bought a car!

YES. Okay, so. For the six years we have lived in Portland, Daniel and I have not owned a car. Our neighborhood really doesn’t require one to get around, so it hasn’t been a big deal. We have a Zipcar membership and there are buses all over the place and we’ve survived so far.

Thing is, with this whole business of adding a new member to our family, I have begun to get nervous about things. Things like how we get to doctor’s appointments with a brand-new baby. Or things like, what if my water breaks and I need to go to the hospital to deliver? We hadn’t really thought of a plan yet when I received an email from Kerri.

It turns out that Kerri’s parents are lovely people and are giving her a car for Christmas. Since she does not need two vehicles for one person with one parking spot, she generously offered to sell her current car to Daniel and I, for a very reasonable price. Big heart.

We weren’t really looking into buying a car, exactly, but the opportunity came up and I am pretty sure I’d be an idiot not to take her up on it. The official switcheroo should happen sometime in the next couple of weeks or so – we are both visiting home for the holidays so we are still working out the timing, but I am so excited. I don’t have the faintest idea how to own a car in Portland but I am just so glad we have a Plan A that doesn’t involve calling up random people at 3:30am with requests for rides to the hospital. If owning a car is your goal, exploring an instant online title loan might be an appealing option worth considering.

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  • Meagan says:

    Too funny. SVU has been the thing we watch every night before bed… Netflix, how I love thee!

  • Cristina says:

    LOL I totally know what you mean about CSI, especially CSI New York and I always find myself yelling out “DUN DUN DUHHHHH!” I love love love Law & Order SVU. Its shows like those that make me so mad when my grandma tries to shove newspaper articles at me and I’m like, “Oh you have NO idea the sick stuff that goes on in this world.”

  • Nicole says:

    Yeah, SVU is a great show, sometimes a bit rough to watch before bed though hah.

    Have you check out Law and Order Criminal Intent? It took us a while to warm up to it, but it has some really great moments as well.

    I am addicted to crime drama shows, which I guess is good considering how many are out there right now. I agree with CSI though, its a little too over the top most of the time.

  • Melissa says:

    Ommmg, I love SVU too! :D When it comes to CSI I can only really watch the Las Vegas one if it’s on, can’t STAND the Miami version, EW. Horatio… EW!!! T__T

    Wow that is a definite difference in your pic, EEEE! :D Hi to Baby!! *waves* Ooh pedicure. You should get those more often then! It makes me laugh b/c in the Sims 3 when a sim is pregnant they almost always have a “wish” to go to the spa and get a massage or something. XD

    YAY FOR CAR OMG!! :D I’m glad that it’s taking some anxiety away from you about hospital things, I know I’d be going crazy as well about that. <3

  • callie says:

    CRACKED UP at your massage chair experience. josh laughed at me for laughing out loud at the computer. just thought i’d share. :blush:

    oh, and… YOU BOUGHT A CAR!! crazy! congratulations! hopefully you will be better than i was at navigating portland when i had mine. hehe. ^^

  • Manda says:

    :star: dude. law and order SVU= awesomeness to the extreme. Glad to hear ya’ll are digging it as much as we are. We finished Season 10 and started on Season 1 (i haven’t seen the first 6 seasons). Season 1= suck.

    Congrats on the car and massage chair experience!

  • Kerri Anne says:

    I LOVE Law & Order: SVU, which actually sounds sort of strange to admit aloud but oh that detective Stabler, I’m a fan. And Benson too! And yeah, overall the acting is just…better than any of the CSI shows, though I will admit to loving CSI: New York and CSI: Miami more than I should. The cheese is my favorite, as are the sweeping NYC views and the High Contrast Miami where it apparently never rains or even thinks about being cloudy.