May 3, 2008 6:17 pm

Crisis Averted

All is well on the passport front, thank heavens. I signed up for email updates with the website since I was super anxious to know what was going on, and earlier this week I got a notification that said it should get to me on or about May 3rd. Happily, it showed up only a day or so later, and they didn’t even charge me the expedite fee. Huzzah! My passport is now safely nestled in my attractive passport case from TinyMeat and I can stop hyperventilating.

I went ahead and booked a hotel in Victoria, BC, so all is well on that front too. We ended up going with the less expensive place, but splurged on the better room. I figured that was a good compromise. It really was the difference between a $650 hotel stay and a $1300 hotel stay, and I know we will be newlyweds and all, but there is only so much time you can conceivably spend in a hotel room, so I think it’ll be fine.

I managed to survive my bachelorette party intact, too. My cousin Kalena, Daniel’s sister Heidi and my friend Callie all came over and we went to a spa to get our nails done. I got a French tip manicure on my nails and on my toes I got hot pink with sparkles. Why the hell not? My toes look awesome now but my nails didn’t even survive the week. I need to repaint them with something that will last a little longer than three or four days.

The Ladies

After the spa (complete with mimosas!) we went downtown and I bought a pair of shoes for going out that night, and then we had lunch at Henry’s Tavern. We all had delicious food and drinks, and afterward they brought out a scoop of ice cream with a lit candle as a congratulatory gift. (Some of you may recall they did this on my 21st birthday too. I like Henry’s.)


I skipped off to a baby shower for a couple hours and came back just in time to get ready for our night out on the town. The girls helped me pick out an outfit, which ended up being this dress and then they totally overaccessorized me. I had a tiara, a purple garter, a veil with little plastic penises, and a giant hot pink feather boa. I think I was fine up until the boa. It was choking me and it was all in my nose and mouth and UGH.

Heading Out

Two of my other friends showed up for a couple of the bar stops, and then they headed out as we ran by my apartment to grab our overnight bags for the hotel. We called a cab to get down there (I was not about to deal with public transit looking like that) and dropped off our stuff. By that point, I was outrageously tired and flopped down on the bed and just wanted to go to sleep. However, one of Kalena’s friends is a bartender at the Dixie Tavern and she wanted to swing by to say hi. The Dixie was just as bad as I was told it would be, but honestly, I think it would have been fun if it had been either A) one of our first stops, or B) if I was ridiculously drunk. As it was, despite taking several shots at several bars along the way, I was not feeling anything more than slightly tipsy (I know – me? Weird. I am normally a really cheap drunk) and it was past midnight. I just wanted to go home.

Fortunately, we didn’t end up staying super long, and came back to the hotel to crash. In the morning when I was getting dressed, I realized that, um, I forgot to bring pants. I had a shirt to wear, and my dress, and my jammies. Leave it to me. I ended up wearing my pajama pants rolled up to the knee around downtown Portland. Oh well.

All told, it really was a fun weekend. I was so glad Kalena and Heidi could make it down to Portland!

Fast forward to THIS weekend – the girls I work with threw me a bridal shower! They had me pick the place, and I chose a super casual pub-type restaurant with great homemade root beer. It was a lot of fun – we shared wedding stories and baby stories (my manager had a baby last August and one of the other girls is pregnant) and had a great time. I got Apples to Apples (the board game), the Joy of Cooking cookbook (YES!), a supercute dishtowel and dishcloth set with some delicious apple-pear hand soap, a gift card to Wildwood (a fancy restaurant in Portland) and a nice bottle of champagne. I seriously work with the best group of women – they’re all so nice and fun to hang out with.

Next up: I have a weekend off, and then we leave for Idaho on the 17th!

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