October 26, 2007 8:41 pm

Keeping Up Appearances

This last week has been totally insane for me, in the sense that I have not gone to bed before midnight since last Saturday and I am out of bed by 6:45am on most days. I deal all right with lack of sleep, but I’m finding I get to a point where I do not deal well with chronic lack of sleep, and that has been my life for the past week.

Last Saturday was the roller derby finals (Our team won! They went undefeated the entire season!) and then dinner with Paul’s parents. Sunday was the Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze out on Sauvie Island. I think I have photos but they are still hidden somewhere on my camera and I can’t be bothered to figure that out at the moment. Not sure what the deal with Monday was, but I was up late, and then Tuesday I stayed up attempting to get re-caught up with my Qbee activity trades and other websitey things. Wednesday was the first pumpkin carving with Callie and Paul (as is our tradition) and Thursday was pumpkin carving with Tom, Carrie, Brian, and Brian’s lady friend. I actually nodded off in their living room at one point and nobody knew where I went. I mean, really, it was either that or passing out on their kitchen floor blocking a doorway because I was THAT. TIRED. Daniel rented a movie tonight (Premonition – it looked good and I am surprised he picked it out himself) that we are sort of planning to watch, but I am trying to sleep as much as humanly possible tonight since tomorrow is Saturday Morning Coffee With Friends with a Halloween party later on.

I have so much I want to say about all of these events but due to lack of sleep and poor memory I’m going to condense it into short, summarized sentences. I’m sure I’ll accidentally leave out a bunch of it but I want to remember that something happened.

The games were actually really well matched this time so the whole thing was super exciting. Ate calamari afterward.

Lots of pumpkins were squishy and dead. Corn maze was ridiculously muddy. Spent an hour that night washing mud off of shoes. Found two good pumpkins each.

Honestly, I do not really even remember Monday happening. It must have though, I guess.

Skipped bowling night to work on website. Have new design in mind. Probably will not build it for some time yet.

Supah fun. Callie was pretty sick later on in the night (get better soon!) and I gave her some chicken noodle soup. Paul’s pumpkin was ridiculously amazing. My pumpkin was stupidly thick and difficult to see any light through. Paul helped thin it out.
The crew
Glowing! Demon Fetus WooOOooO Portafilter

Made several pumpkin sketches and then decided to wing it. Nearly fell asleep on floor. Did fall asleep in living room. Ate too much dessert, and should probably get Tom’s pumpkin cake recipe from him. Brian’s lady friend made an awesomely scary pumpkin that I forgot to photograph.
Pure evil. Pentagram

Exhausted after a long (long!) day at work with the prospect of having to work over the weekend to finish it all.

Eventually here I will post the photos from the pumpkin patch, but for now, have a good weekend!

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  • kerrianne says:

    How did I not know you did Derby? I am so pumped! to hang out. Not that I wasn’t already before, but still, how awesome is it that we live so close AND you do Derby? Pretty awesome. (Congrats! on the win, too.)

    : )

    (You’ll have to tell me what you think of Premonition, too. We watched it, but I’ll save my opinions until you finish it.)

  • Brigitte says:

    I didn’t know you did derby, that’s awesome! Congrats to your team, too :grin:

  • Meggan says:

    Oh jeeze, I am starting this huge misconception – I don’t do derby, I just go to the games as a spectator. But we have a specific team we cheer for, since we know one of the girls. Eeep! Didn’t mean to cause any confusion. :blush: