September 26, 2007 9:33 pm

Roller Derby Devotee

I went to my first Roller Derby last weekend and it was glorious. If you are not familiar with roller derby, I’d recommend watching this video. The type is ugly but it explains the basics of roller derby really well. I was glad I had seen it when I actually went to a derby. Additionally, reading Schnozz‘s blogs in the “Roller Derby” category (especially this one) would be informative and anyway they are hilariously entertaining.

Daniel and I took some really awful photos of some of the jams, which does not do it justice because MAN it rocked and now I sort of want to be a rollergirl.

Roller Derby

I mean, I can’t skate. I don’t own any wonderfully promiscuous clothing or my own roller skates. But it sounds like fun, much in the same way Powderpuff football sounded fun in high school and I had a blast doing that. We shall see. ;)

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  • Schnozz says:

    Believe me, when you spend ten hours a week on skates, you LEARN to skate. :) Some of our best players had to hold on to the wall in the beginning.

    If it’s too much of a commitment, you can always volunteer to help at bouts–there are all sorts of ways to get to know the rollergirls! Our H2hos (watergirls), refs, zombie squad (security) and so on all make the bouts possible.

    I’m so glad you had fun!