March 7, 2007 1:05 pm


Today is Daniel’s twenty-second birthday. We went bowling yesterday (as per usual) and he beat me on the first game and I beat him on the second. We made vegan peanut-butter rice krispy treats with melted chocolate chips on top, and they were a huge success. (I totally recommend that recipe, it’s the easiest thing ever and they are beyond delicious.)

I woke up this morning to the sound of Daniel’s phone ringing. Incidentally, his ringtone is a clip from a Manowar song and it shrieks, “LEATHER! METAL! SPIKES! AND CHAAAAAAAAINS!” which is really sort of an amusing thing to wake up to. I nudged him and we had the following exchange:

MEGGAN: Your phone is ringing.
DANIEL: *smacks alarm clock*
MEGGAN: No. Phone. Your phone is ringing.
DANIEL: *looks at clock, bewildered, then just stares at me*
MEGGAN: Daniel. Get your phone.
DANIEL: *continues looking at me, visibly lost*

He is always like this in the mornings. I don’t know what happens to his brain while he sleeps, but for several minutes after he wakes up he is inexplicably hazy and somehow has absolutely no idea what I’m saying to him even if it’s perfectly logical.

The phone call was from his mother, at 6:37am, wishing him happy birthday. Then his sister Heidi called, and while he was talking to her, his dad and stepmom called. His whole family likes to sing happy birthday and harmonize it and make it all pretty. They apparently all also like to call at ungodly hours of the morning. :)

So far, his birthday present hasn’t yet arrived. The UPS tracking (why is it always UPS? Argh!) website has said “Received billing information” for a week! A WEEK. Surely it could have made more progress in a week? I checked it again this morning and it had all these wonderful travel logs for the package and gave me an estimated re-scheduled arrival date of… TODAY! I’m hoping they’re not lying to me. I’m also wondering why it said “re-scheduled” and when they were initially planning on delivering the package, but that’s not important as long as I actually receive said package. Fortunately, I have the wonderful ability to ship things to my work now, which means no more of these incidents, thank god.

Happy birthday, Daniel. Hope the UPS people bring your present, and that you have phenomenal coffee today.

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  • Rose says:

    Oh yay :D
    Happy birthday to Daniel!!!

  • Adastra says:

    If there was a cell phone anyway around here playing me Manower or some other weird power metal, it would totally be deströyed by now… ^^
    Happy Birthday to Daniel! :D

  • Heidi says:

    7:15 is not ungodly :grin: I had already been to the coffee shop and was on my way to work. and…. we can’t help feeling the need to sing so early, we just love dan so much!! Watch out you’re next!!! I get up really early now and if I all right after I wake I will still have my early morning man-like voice :note: Love you!

  • lkvy says:

    Happy Womb Leaving Day boyfriend of random person on the internet whose blog I like to check out!

  • Carly says:

    I am also ‘hazy’ in the mornings for several minutes, I am also prone to talking nonsence, for example telling my ex boyfriend that I loved him, but didn’t appreciate being fed cat food! I hope your parcel arrives safely, soon!