November 18, 2006 1:34 am

One Week

:note: Eddie Izzard Dress to Kill DVD

Tonight as I was sleeping on the couch, I heard a very loud knock. It turned out to be our friends Paul, Callie, and George, purposely knocking to wake us up (because Daniel was sleeping on the Poof chair) to tell us we need to turn our TV and the lights off.

I had fallen asleep sometime during the middle of the DVD (Daniel fell asleep at the beginning) around SEVEN THIRTY PM. Who falls asleep at 7:30pm on a FRIDAY NIGHT? Me, apparently.

Case in point: I am exhausted. This was week two of working two jobs totaling nearly 30 hours a week, plus four classes, plus graduation-y stuff, and it is wearing me out.

Since Nicole asked, I love my job so far. Everyone is cool, they gave me a laptop (!) to use for work and non-work purposes and I’m working on neat projects. I love that it takes all the pressure off of the portfolio show – I just have to go! I don’t have to freak out.

I’m going to be taking the last two weeks of school off from the other job, so I won’t work there at all during December. I’m sad about it, because I really do like working there, but I know that it’s for my own benefit so I do not go insane and collapse just prior to graduation.

I’m having a difficult time getting all my homework done. I think I work best when I have a day to dedicate to homework, rather than trying to squeeze it in at random hours of the day, after one job but before the next, or after working nine hours and having the worst headache ever.

That was today, actually, the worst headache ever. No idea what the matter was. It finally seemed to go away after I napped for a bit. It was weird though, because it was a horrifically intensified version of the “I’m really hungry” headache, but it was there regardless of whether I had eaten or not. I began wondering if it was a migraine so when I got home I put a blanket over my head so it blocked out the light, but I couldn’t figure out if that helped or not.

I guess in short, the job is going great and I’m doing so-so, trying to keep up. When people ask how I’m doing, I say I’m surviving.

To add insult to injury, the totally awesome new job Daniel had? Is closing their store. After two months. They apparently expected to make a huge profit right away with virtually no advertising and it didn’t go so well, so they’re throwing in the towel and Daniel will be out of a job come December. Fabulous, no? I don’t even know what our plan of action is regarding that. It sucks.

In my opinion, it’s a bit less of an issue now that I’m actually making money instead of living off of student loans and whatever income I got from working at the school, but it still sucks, you know? We wanted to start saving some money (or, more accurately, I wanted Daniel to start saving some money, HINT HINT) and it just isn’t possible now.

Somebody at work asked me today what my plans were for the weekend, and I answered “homework” but he didn’t like that answer so he asked what I would like to do over the weekend. What do I like doing? He suggested dancing, or going drinking with friends, and I was like, um… no… I like… watching movies? And then I couldn’t even think of the last movie I saw in the theater because it was THAT LONG AGO and it was some wedding movie with “Tim” from the British version of The Office (Arthur in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?). I don’t even know the name of it. And then I said I like to read. And then I didn’t want to admit that the last book I read was “The Amulet of Samarkind” in the Bartimaeus Trilogy because it is a children’s fantasy book, so I mentioned I had started reading “I, Robot” by Isaac Asimov but I hadn’t gotten very far. Saved! I apparently work with people who like sci-fi and fantasy books.

I sort of wish I was the kind of person that would go out for drinks and dancing with friends. Instead, I am the sort of person that crawls home after a long day of work, eats a terribly unhealthy dinner and falls asleep on the couch at 7:30pm on a Friday night while watching a DVD. And then gets woken up by friends who are going out drinking.

Also, I am so very, very behind on email. My apologies to people who are expecting them (mostly Qbee related things) – I will try to catch up this weekend but no guarantees.

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  • Nicole says:

    Sounds like you are busy. It is pretty exciting that you are situated in a job though, that does make the end a little less stressfull. I can not believe you are working both jobs + school. I am not sure how you do it. I am still struggling with just taking 4 class, I stopped working 2 terms ago (and I was just working from home). Shows how much of a wuss I am.

    Anyways, Congratz on the changes recently, hopefully soon you will be able to enjoy them more.

  • Claire says:

    So glad to hear that you love your job, try not to drive yourself into the ground though!

    Eddie Izzard Dress to Kill DVD

    I LOVE Eddie Izzard :loveeye: That man is beautiful