October 29, 2006 1:49 pm

The Great Pumpkin

:note: Richard Cheese – “Man In The Box”

Quick recap of Friday night: I email Callie and Paul to say we want to do another pumpkin carving party this year, and they reply and say they want to go to a pumpkin patch. We all think this is a genius idea and so the four of us (Daniel too!) drove out to Sauvie Island to a pumpkin patch and corn maze.

Pumpkin Patch

I’d never been to either, and it was a lot of fun. A lot of the pumpkins were dead and rotting, since it was just a few days before Halloween and all the good ones had been taken already. Despite this, we each found one pumpkin, and Daniel and I got another to share.

The corn maze was really fun. It’s haunted on Friday and Saturday nights starting at 6:30, and we were there at 6 and didn’t want to wait, so we went in anyway. This meant that we were fine for the first half of the maze, but when it started getting dark and we were totally lost, then it was haunted and people would jump out at you in scary masks. Lovely. There were some people in front of us at one point, with a little boy, and a monster came out of the maze and the kid was TERRIFIED. Like, he jumped back and fell over and was screaming because he was so scared. We saw him later, with his parents (I think he was with a sibling before) and they were asking directions so they could take him out of the maze. I felt really bad for the little guy.


We started shaking corn stalks to freak at each other out because you started getting really jumpy by the end. I screamed twice at the same monster. :blush: I initially screamed because the corn stalks were moving and I assumed it was just one of us trying to freak everyone out, but then I saw the monster and screamed again, all within about a second and a half. Heh. We started running (erm, it was scary?) and ALLOFASUDDEN there was another monster! I shrieked and we started running faster and then it was the end of the maze. SO MUCH FUN.

Carving pumpkins was neat too, even though Callie and I had no idea what we wanted to do. I was contemplating Harry Potter, but the pattern I found was pretty complicated and I was convinced that if I tried it, it would come out looking nothing like Harry Potter and then I’d be sad. So I decided on a hilarious face I found on some website. During Sleepy Hollow, Callie decided she wanted to do the face on the jack-o-lantern so she drafted a pattern of what she wanted. I think all of them came out fantastically.

Paul's Skull Pumpkin Drr! Callie's Pumpkin Guess Who.

We watched Hocus Pocus and Sleepy Hollow, and then all of us got really, really tired and we decided to call it a night. Thanks, guys! It was lots of fun. :D

All Done!

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