October 12, 2006 9:37 pm

O Is For Oatmeal

:note: Weltenbrand – “Manes ad Lapidem”

My brain feels like a bowl of lukewarm oatmeal. Interestingly enough, I am about to have oatmeal for dinner because we are totally broke and rolled oats are cheap when you buy them in bulk. Sadly, I have not ever eaten bulk oatmeal (i.e., oatmeal that does not come from a cardboard tube that has the Quaker Oat Man on the front and INSTRUCTIONS on the back) up until earlier this week, so, um, I had to call my mom to ask how to make a goddamn bowl of oatmeal. I felt pretty dumb.

I got word today about a prospective job opportunity that sounds exactly like what I would like to get hired for. Web standards based XHTML and CSS, some PHP, XML, maybe some Flash. All things I am more than capable of doing. It pays well, they are close by, and I’d already done a bit of research into the company before I even heard about this. I’m terrified out of my mind about pursuing this, but they are willing to have the applicant work part time at first (they are good about accommodating student schedules) and then move up to full time later.

Someone stole our aloe plant from our outside window ledge. We have lots of empty baskets out there left over from when we killed all the other plants on accident, but someone flat-out stole our aloe plant. It’s fairly well-known that I am not a houseplant person, but dammit, I liked that aloe plant and now it is gone. I hope that person feels guilty.

The other day, at bowling, there was this little old lady behind the counter helping us pay and get our shoes. This girl Christina was attempting to get shoes for both her and our friend Amanda at the same time, and Daniel and I were at the counter waiting as well. The conversation went like this:

CHRISTINA: I’d like a size 8 and a size 10, please.
OLD LADY: All right. *turns around, grabs only the size 8 for Amanda* *hands Christina the shoes*
CHRISTINA: Um, and a size 10. I need a 10 as well.
OLD LADY: Now, just a minute here. *comes over to me* What size shoe do you need, dear?
MEGGAN: Um, 6 and a half?
CHRISTINA: *gives me weird look, like, seriously? Did she just do that?*
MEGGAN: *shrugs, laughing*
CHRISTINA: Um, I… Er, I still need a size 10…
OLD LADY: Now you just hang on a minute! I’m helping the ladies first!
EVERYONE BUT OLD LADY: *is speechless*

I almost died laughing afterward. Christina wasn’t being obnoxious about asking for her shoes, but I honestly think the lady thought she was a dude (even though Christina totally does not look like a guy) and was insisting on helping all the “ladies” first before she gave the guys their shoes. Ahh ha ha. Poor Christina.

I’m still doing horribly on my exercise goals. Disappointed. I have been walking a bit more than usual, but… ehh.

As you may have seen in my Flickr photostream, I ordered a CSS book from Amazon in mid-August. They sent me an email ages ago that said “your item will be delayed, is that okay?” and I said, sure, whatever. They claimed it would come in early-ish October. I got an email the other day that said “your item will be delayed, estimated delivery date may be as late as DECEMBER 5th.” They are lunatics if they think I’m going to approve that delay. Seriously? August to December? Is the book really that hard to find?

Mmm. Oatmeal. What is your favorite thing to have for breakfast? My latest one is vanilla yogurt with some Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds sprinkled on top, kind of like having cereal with yogurt instead of milk. It is delicious.

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