September 28, 2006 5:42 pm

Animal Crossing, The Apartment, and Harry Potter #7 Speculation

:note: Rolling Stones – “Sympathy for the Devil”

A few things of interest:

:arrow: I wrote a little page on Animal Crossing Tips if anyone is interested. Animal Crossing is my favorite game, so I put up a few tips for gameplay. It’s just for the Gamecube version, not AC: Wild World.

:arrow: The property management company for our apartment decided it was restructuring how they do things, and sadly, we are no longer going to be receiving our $200 rent credit each month. :( We can afford the jump in rent, but it was so nice not to have to worry about it each month. Granted, we’re each still paying about half as much as we did at our last place, but I really, really liked having obscenely cheap rent. I’m trying not to dwell on the fact that in order to even pay this month’s rent, I have to wait for Daniel’s half of it to be transferred from Paypal into my bank account, otherwise I’ll be overdrawn. Stupid adult stuff. Fortunately I start working when school starts again, but I’m sure it’ll be another two weeks or so until I get paid. Lame!

:arrow: I’m still sickly. I’ve been resting a lot and drinking lots of fluids, so I hope it goes away soon. It’s miserable.

:arrow: I’ve been lurking around HP book 7 message boards and the like, doing some more speculation. Apparently, J.K. Rowling revealed recently that the question she wishes people would have asked her is “Why did Dumbledore have James’s invisibility cloak at the time of James’s death, given that Dumbledore can turn himself invisible?” and she mentioned that the answer was “crucial” to the story. AUGH. I have no idea. I’m up to page 24 on that thread and I haven’t found a reasonable explanation I agree with yet. I’m thinking it’ll be a situation like the last book’s Horcrux thing – there’s no way we could have guessed that, as we didn’t even know it existed. Maybe Dumbledore had it so he could put extra defenses on it (charms, etc.) and it would have changed the Potter’s outcome had they had it that night?

It’s so hard to guess this stuff! I don’t think I heard Snape being guessed as the HBP, since we had no idea what his mother’s maiden name was. I thought it was Hagrid. Same with the Horcruxes – we didn’t know anything about them. Maybe we don’t know anything about the invisibility cloak either?

I do like that somebody brought up Aunt Petunia in passing, though, since we know that she had contact with Dumbledore before (“Remember my last!”) and we know she may become more interesting in the book 7. I still don’t know who it is that will do magic later than normal, and we still don’t know what will become of the mirror that Harry had so he could talk to Sirius. So many things to think about!

Edited to add: Someone mentioned (on an early #30’s page of that forum) the cloak may have been used to hide someone, and Dumbledore has said (to Draco, on the tower in HBP) that they can fake people’s deaths – they’ve done it before – what if it was being used to hide Professor Slughorn? He was the one that initially told Voldemort about Horcruxes, and maybe he gave Dumbledore that awful altered memory of his, whereupon Dumbledore recognized it as a crap alteration and knew he needed the original, so he used James’s cloak to hide Slughorn to preserve the memory. This doesn’t explain, however, why that would have been done right around the Potter’s deaths and yet we don’t hear of Slughorn until over a decade later. I like the theory though. He was a potions master, Snape took over his job, Lily Potter was his favorite student, we think Snape may have had a thing for Lily because she was nice to him…

Also, I forgot to mention that I finally got around to reading George Orwell’s “1984” yesterday. I’ve been meaning to do it for years and just never got around to it. I liked it, I suppose; it wasn’t bad, but I don’t know that I’d read it again anytime soon. I just wanted to read it since it’s pretty much a classic and it felt like everyone had read it but me. I never had a reason to so I just didn’t, and now that I’m all sick and stuff I figured it was perfect timing.

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