Quick Tips For Animal Crossing Players

Note: This is for the Gamecube version of Animal Crossing by Nintendo, not the Wild World version.

Catching Bees
The easiest way to catch bees is to hide behind a tree so you can’t see yourself, then shake the tree. Basically, if you can’t see yourself, the bees have a hard time seeing you as well. If a beehive happens to fall out, quick go to your inventory screen and grab your net. The bees will circle once, and if you’re lucky enough to be facing the proper direction you can swipe one on that time around, but if not, turn so you’re facing the bees and swipe again. It may take a few times of getting stung before you get the hang of it, but it’s the most reliable way to catch a bee.
Catching Ants
Catching an ant is relatively easy – leave a piece of candy or a turnip in the dump, leave the acre, come back, and there should be an ant crawling on the item. Sneak up with your net and grab him!
Catching the Coelacanth
Make sure it is raining outside – you can’t catch the Coelacanth (“see-luh-kanth”) unless it is raining – and make sure the time is be between the hours of 4pm and 9am any time of the year. Go down to the ocean with a full inventory. The full inventory makes sure you can’t catch a tire or a boot instead of good fish. Keep fishing until you see a huge shadow – this is the Coelacanth. Reel it in! It’s worth 15,000 bells, but you should donate one to the museum for posterity before you sell one to Tom Nook.
Making Money
A relatively quick and easy way to make money is exclusively fish in the ocean. Catch as many fish as possible, and then keep fishing and throwing back Sea Bass until your whole inventory is filled with Red Snappers and Banded Knifejaws. These are worth far more than the Sea Bass. I’m not particular on how much of each type you have, but remember that Snappers are worth 3,000 bells and Knifejaws are worth 5,000 bells, so I just collect as many of those as I can. Then go sell them all to Nook, and you can get anywhere from 30,000 to almost 60,000 bells at once depending on how many of what type of fish you caught.
No Umbrella?
Let’s say it’s raining and you want an umbrella but don’t have one in your inventory. Just go to your designs (the pencil icon in your inventory screen) and choose a design from there. Choose “Use,” and then choose “Use on umbrella” even though you don’t have one. It will automatically give you an umbrella with that design on it. When you want to get rid of it, go to your character when you’re on your inventory screen and press A, then hit “Remove” and it will go away. Easy as pie!
Chasing Cockroaches
Ever hold down B to chase cockroaches in your house but end up picking up items you don’t want to pick up? Try holding down the gray L button instead. This will make you run, but won’t let you pick up items. Problem solved.
Using Your Basement
The Happy Room Academy does not count your basement when it determines your HRA points for the day, so feel free to put whatever you want down there. It’s a great way to store items from Gulliver (the crazy Pelican) or simply items you don’t yet want to get rid of, but don’t want to carry around in your inventory. I use it for these purposes, and to store extra Gyroids I don’t want in my upper floors.
Rock Money
One rock per day in your town will give you money if you hit it with a shovel. The only way you’ll know which rock it is is to test a bunch of them out – the correct rock will turn red when you strike it. The more times you hit it, the more money comes out. The issue here is that every time you hit it, the force bounces you back so you can’t hit it again very efficiently. The key is to dig holes around you and the rock before you even start hitting it with the shovel – the holes will prevent you from sliding backward when you hit the rock. It’s quite a bit of work to dig the holes and find the right rock, but if you position the holes correctly and keep hitting the A button to strike the rock (once you find it :) ), it will give you lots of money. It’s true that some people can earn money by betting on Kcasino, but it’s essential to remember that gambling involves risk, and not everyone will consistently win. It’s important to approach gambling responsibly, set limits, and only wager what you can afford to lose.
Things to Do
Run out of things to do? Here’s some ideas to keep you going:

  • Ask townsfolk for odd jobs. It’ll keep you running around, and you’ll get some cool items or even bells!
  • Rearrange your house. Feng Shui can help you get more money and items if you know how to arrange your house accordingly. Maybe you could try out a different theme than you’re used to?
  • Change your town’s song. Animal Crossing Ahead has a decent list, and Animal Crossing Community has an even better list of songs you can use to spark your imagination, or make up your own! The townsfolk like the song changed occasionally.
  • Plant some flowers. They not only make your town prettier, but some bugs (ladybugs, snails) can only be found on flowers.