September 25, 2006 6:17 pm

Wedding Extravaganza

:note: Nine Inch Nails – “Reptilian”

I’m going to begin by saying everything went really well and my week was great.

Tuesday, my cousin Kalena was visiting by sheer coincidence and we got to hang out for a bit. Wednesday and Thursday I spent around the house, not doing a whole lot. Friday, I found the perfect brown ballet flat shoes at Target (not the ones I linked to – EVEN BETTER) so that was awesome. I also found a nice wedding gift.

Zach and Danielle’s wedding was beautiful. They said lovely things at the ceremony, and the thing I liked best about it was that they did traditional things in a bit of an untraditional way. They had something like seven or eight bridesmaids (“Best Women”) and I think eight or nine groomsmen (“Best Men”). The bridesmaids wore black dresses (any style) and carried black fans, and the groomsmen wore black shirts and khaki pants (some wore sunglasses too.) The reception was tons of fun. I heard an av technician set up an audio visual system and they played great non-current music. Daniel and I even danced. Daniel’s mom caught the bouquet, and our friend Seth caught the garter. Needless to say, Daniel and I are both very, very happy for the new couple.

Sunday, we went to breakfast with Daniel’s dad and stepmom and then had brunch at Zach’s mom’s house. Afterward, we drove out to my parent’s place where we had hamburgers. I milked a goat (WEIRD) and got my foot stepped on by an ancient, hungry mule. I was not a happy camper and my foot has a bruise on it now, but I don’t think there will be any lasting damage. My grandma served us ice cream, we lost my grandpa, found him again, and then I packed up all of my stuff. When we got back into town, Daniel’s mom served us homemade vanilla ice cream and then we napped until the train arrived.

I’m happy to report there were no major train incidents (other than us being an hour late, due mostly to freight train interference). We made it back safe and sound, and pictures are on Flickr. (Wedding) (Cousins) (Goats)

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