September 4, 2006 11:48 pm

Unexpected Houseguests

:note: Big Fish DVD

Just got done making sugar cookies. I don’t think they’re spectacular, but they’ll do. The frosting is a makeshift chocolate one that I made up myself, and it involves powdered sugar, no butter (we were out), too much milk, some Kahlua, vanilla flavoring, and some weird canned hot chocolate powder. You use what you’ve got. :P

Daniel’s sister Heidi called today to let us know that her/our friend Jake was going to be driving to Ashland, Oregon today and may be stopping by Portland, and could he stay the night? She called back later and come to find out, it’s Jake, a friend, and their dog. They’re still not here yet (quarter to midnight) and Daniel and I have to be up at 5:30am tomorrow. Not that I’m usually asleep, because I’m not, but AUGH I have never met this other person, I am in my pajamas, it is nighttime, I didn’t shower today, I am tired, hot, and there will be a dog. And I am supposed to be doing homework, not preparing for unexpected houseguests and baking.

I need some ice water.

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