September 1, 2006 2:27 am


:note: Wolf Parade – “Shine A Light”

Daniel and I just got home (1:45am) from hanging out with Callie, Paul, and their friend George at a bar. I smell horrible. It was a smoking bar, and Callie and Paul both smoke –

SIDE NOTE: Paul decided to start smoking months ago so that he could quit. As much as I love Paul, IT WAS A STUPID IDEA AND YOU KNOW IT. Who wants to voluntarily experience quitting smoking? NO ONE. I still love you Paul, but it was a bad idea.

– and now I smell like an ashtray. I probably smell like the ashtray they used, too, because Paul for some reason kept sticking all of his lemon wedges in it after using them, and by the end of the night he was having difficulty picking up the lemon wedge out of his drink so he could use it and I got covered in lemon juice. Hilarious.

I lost a game of 5-player cutthroat pool. Paul won. I got one ball in the whole time, but I was doing better than most people for some parts. I am awful at pool. :)

George was around because has just returned from an eight (?) month tour in Iraq, so this was a much needed break. He and Paul got totally drunk; Callie was their DD so they were free to drink however much they wanted to and OH LORD, did they. Daniel had a Coke or two and I had a Long Island Iced Tea (they made really good ones) and the bartender warned me that they only ever serve two of those to someone. You’re welcome to have whatever you want after that, but only two of the Teas. I only had one anyway, because after about 3/4 of one my vision starts going, in the sense that I will turn my head to look at something and… THEN my brain will follow.

Paul got really loud at one point and started declaring that anyone who likes Nascar is not only stupid but also white trash, and the rest of us were giving each other embarrassed looks and cracking up. I think Paul doesn’t realize that his volume level increases when he drinks. Heh. George just got incredibly giggly. At the end of the night he pretty much stopped saying words and was just laughing the whole time.

Paul and George ordered some horrible concoction of tequila and 7up in a tumbler glass to chug before we left. It was obvious the bartender thought they were idiots but she brought it out anyway, and it smelled like pure death but they both drank the whole thing. As Paul was trying to explain to her what he wanted, she looked at him funny and was like, “You’re not driving, are you?”

YOU’RE NOT DRIVING, ARE YOU? Seriously? We had been there for two, two and a half hours by then and they were wasted and she knew it. Driving? Did she think the rest of us would LET THEM? I know she was just trying to cover her butt so she wouldn’t be responsible, but god that was a funny question. George laughed about it for forever.

You’re not driving, are you? You who cannot squeeze his own lemon wedge? :P

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