July 30, 2006 8:58 pm

Weekend With Heidi, Meagan And Jake

:note: Otyg – “Nar Alvadrottningens Krons”

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Soooo, this weekend has been interesting. Most of it has been me attempting to do homework and failing miserably (I need somebody I can just pay to do my work – maybe they would like to be paid in cakes and muffins? Anybody know anything about marketing/business? Want to write me a paper?) and the rest of it has been hanging out with Daniel’s sister Heidi, her friend Meagan and Meagan’s boyfriend, Jake.

The only things I bought today were a pair of Chaco sandals (on clearance from $75 down to $30. How could I resist?) and a nice jacket I can use this winter when it gets all windy and rainy. It was on clearance too. Then on the way home, somebody was arranging a “FREE” pile on the sidewalk and included in the free pile were two sleds. One was a toboggan and one was an old-school runner sled. I have no idea where they came from or why they were putting them out on the sidewalk for free, but, um, we took them. I don’t know what we’re going to do with them, but we will have sleds if the weather calls for it.

I found another photo thief, this time on livejournal. I was about to post the URL here because seeing the hotlinking image on her page (and on all 73 of her friends’ “friends” pages) was hilarious, but she took the photo down and deleted my comment before I could even post this. So, just know that it worked. Heh. Hotlinking is bad, but stealing a totally crap photo of my living room and passing it off as yours by asking people to come hang out in “your” room with you is really bad.

A friend of mine from school named Ben H. got into a horrible accident recently. We don’t know any of the details, but he apparently was on a bike and then ended up with his head through a car window. He is okay. He needed some stitches and such and messed up his shoulder (may need surgery to avoid future arthritis issues) but is generally okay. Think good thoughts about Ben getting better!

Also, please send me some “do homework” vibes. Just check out my to-do list for this week only:

To-Do (this week)

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