June 3, 2006 11:25 pm

Obligatory Post-Birthday Party Post

:note: nothing

Ryan’s birthday party was today. I was an idiot and didn’t recharge my camera battery before we left, so I only have a few photos, none of which have Ryan in them. We celebrated at Oak’s Park, a weird little amusement park around Portland. I have never seen so many fat kids in my life.

Oh! And I got to go on one of these big slide things and it was lots of fun.

From my previous to-do list:

  1. Do reading for tomorrow’s class
  2. Do reading response for tomorrow’s class
  3. Revise paper to re-turn in tomorrow
  4. Work on Flash/XML project (actually coming along!)
  5. Do reflection questions for Monday
  6. Remember about Ryan’s b-day on Saturday
  7. Figure out what to do about a class of mine for next term that got cancelled that is, coincidentally, required for me to graduate
  8. Somehow find time to work on the freelance project

Basically, none of the really important stuff is done. :| Must get on that.

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  • omg, that brings back memories! I remember being little and climbing up to the top of one of those giant slides and then being scared shitless to come down the damn thing! I just sat there for the longest time trying to work up the courage to go down it. lol In my defense, it was much higher than the one in your photo… ;)