May 1, 2006 12:34 pm

Those greens are fast.

:note: nothing

They wouldn’t let me give blood today. :( My iron level was at 35, and they require it to be at 38 before they let you donate. This makes me sad – it’s the only time I’ve been turned away from donating blood. Lame. I even took a multivitamin this morning, ate a big bowl of nutritious cereal and drank 32 freaking ounces of water.

Callie’s birthday was super – I didn’t suck at golf as bad as I imagined, though we didn’t keep score or really even make a note of how far over par we went so I may be terrible after all. I haven’t heard any word on how everyone’s doing this morning. :P Also, you may have noticed, but I uploaded the photos I took to my Flickr account so they’re there for viewing. The title of this entry is based on a phrase that was uttered about 23957 times over the course of the night to explain why none of our golf balls actually landed on the green as opposed to zooming right over them and rolling off the side.

I haven’t mentioned this, but last Friday, Callie, Paul, Ryan, April and I (and Daniel, he came over specifically to tell me that I forgot about him in this entry. So Daniel too. Sorry.) went to the coast for a bonfire get-together thing. Ryan and April were already out there by the time we left, so it ended up being the four of us on the highway at 9pm heading for the ocean. It takes about an hour and a half to get there. Heh. We made it fine and hung out for a few hours, eating S’mores and caramel corn. Ryan and April stayed at a hotel on the coast, so the four of us drove back to Portland at 12am.

The next night, Daniel and I rented the movie Madagascar, which is SO CUTE. I am absolutely in love with Mort. And I liked the hippo and King Julien. Oh! And the penguins! I loved the penguins. The movie was pretty good, but I liked it more for the characters than anything else.

I’m off to class (I get to find out how well I did on my test last week), where I’m sure the huge amount of water I drank this morning will interfere with my taking of lecture notes.

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  • Abby says:

    Your iron count is actually your hematocrit, or red blood cell count, which you can actually dilute by drinking too much water all at once. Your hematocrit also goes down when you have your period, which could explain it. Red meat, broccoli and wheat breads have lots of iron in them, which directly affects your hematocrit.

    Good luck next time!

    PS- donating all that plasma has taught me something!

  • Meggan says:

    The water! AUGH! I probably did dilute it. That’s lame. And I really don’t eat a lot of red meat at all, though I did have a crap fast food hamburger the night before. But it was small. GAH. Good to know for next time, I guess.

  • Rose says:


    I’m afraid of giving blood :P I don’t think I ever will. Hopefully I never need blood, either. Too afraid of getting aids, which I know is a low-risk these days, but after hearing about that poor 17 year old girl in Greece who was anemic and recieved hiv infected blood to help cure her anemia…

    I’d much rather remain anemic and cure it by taking extra iron or something.

  • Meggan says:

    Oh, that poor girl. I hadn’t heard about that. Eeesh.