April 30, 2006 4:59 pm

Happy birthday, Callie!

:note: The Arcade Fire – “Wake Up”

Callie turns 21 today! We’re going to go medium-golfing (it’s not real golf, but it’s not miniature golf) at Edgefield, some place a bit outside Portland. It’s only a nine hole course, so hopefully it won’t be too scary. I’ve no idea how to golf – I’ve been miniature golfing before but the last time was probably five years ago, so I’m sure I’ll be awful. Afterward, those of us who are of age (ie., not me) will go out to bars and have fun drinking and being crazy. Good times.

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  • Julianne says:

    When I was about four, I went mini golfing at Atlantic Beach with my parents and my aunt and uncle. Apparently I knocked my ball into the pond on my first try and threw such an awful temper tantrum that I haven’t been mini golfing since. I hope you have more fun than I did!

  • callie says:

    aww thanks! i have an entire post dedicated to me! you rock meggan! thanks again for the glasses, they rock. and i’m glad you had fun!! you did waaay better than i did. heh…