March 13, 2006 9:34 pm

King? I Say Not. Pauper, Maybe.

:note: Paul playing Guitar Hero

A running theme this term has been for Callie, Paul, Ryan, and I to bet on our assignment grades in the classes we have together. We bet each other for lunches, so say, if Ryan wins, whoever bet him must buy him lunch. It’s pretty fun, and it puts some excitement into boring assignments.

I don’t bet often because I have no sense of adventure. However, I’ve won the last two times I bet anybody (I got a 96% on my 10 page paper in History of Photography!), so now Paul and Ryan both owe me lunch. Or owed, I guess, because Paul took me to Burger King today to make good on his bet.

They’ve got this new sandwich that’s basically a bacon double cheeseburger, but they put some gross sauce on it and call it a “Stacker.” You can get up to four patties on one sandwich. Gross, I know. That’s what Paul got. I stuck with the good ole’ two patty. Callie got a chicken sandwich with cheese and bacon, and Daniel ordered a Gardenburger thingy. Here’s how our order played out:

Callie inspects sandwich. It is devoid of both cheese and bacon.

Paul inspects sandwich. It is devoid of a patty, a slice of cheese, and the “Stacker Sauce.”

Daniel does not receive a sandwich.

I inspect my sandwich. Um, it’s perfect.

Callie and Paul take theirs back to the counter, where Daniel is still waiting. I sit for about five minutes, by myself, munching on fries. Callie and Paul return with corrected sandwiches (upon further inspection, they still forgot the sauce on Paul’s sandwich, but I thought that was fine since it looked gross and I asked for mine without the sauce) and begin to eat. Daniel is still waiting.

Callie, Paul and I get about three-quarters of the way through our respective meals, and Daniel finally shows up. They apparently just forgot about him. Overlooked the order, if you will.

The girl that took our order did it perfectly – all of our receipts showed exactly what we said we wanted. It was the damn cook people in the back that got it all wrong. Daniel later went to get a little slice of cheesecake, and the order girl kind of smirked and said, “I’ll get this for you” since we all knew the people in the back would probably give him an apple pie with a slice of American cheese on top and tell him that’s what he ordered.

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  • Melissa says:

    Well, that sounds like the Burger King that used to be open where I lived in the US. They closed that BK about 5 or so years ago and I swear it was due to the LACK OF service. I could order a hamburger with only ketchup and they’d still screw it up somehow. I absolutely HATE that crap. It’s called FAST food, damnit! That means it should be served to you quickly and you should actually get what you ordered! I don’t see why that’s such a difficult concept.