February 11, 2006 10:36 pm

The Driver’s Seat!

:note: Trivium – “Ascendancy”

Last night entailed an impromptu early Valentine’s dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory with Callie and Paul. Our hostess was ridiculously cheerful and she told us we “HAD A SEAT IN THE TROLLEY! THE DRIVER’S SEAT!” and told everyone she saw that we were having “AN EARLY VALENTINE’S DINNER! ISN’T THAT AWESOME!” If you haven’t been, The Old Spaghetti Factory has the most wonderful, outlandish furniture, photos, and light fixtures ever, and this one had a fascimile of a trolley in the center. And we got the prestigious driver’s seat, apparently. :P

Our waiter was fabulous. He laughed at all the appropriate times, was very helpful without being obnoxious, and talked to us a bit about a “post-hardcore” band he was in and asked about Daniel’s Unearth sweatshirt. It was great. I am a big fat idiot and I didn’t bring my camera, but just know that good times were had all around. We giggled and made inappropriate jokes about the spumoni ice cream and I almost spit strawberry lemonade everywhere after Paul said something hilarious.

Today was spent playing a bit of Animal Crossing (as evidenced by my Flickr photos) and doing some Qbee related fluff. I made a butterfly for the current butterfly activity:
my Qbee butterfly
I’m not very good at pixelling things, but I think I like how this turned out. I’m currently working on my garden submission and attempting to make a bonsai tree.

[edit: 12:24am] My garden!
my Qbee garden

Our spring break plans are pretty much solidified – I made the hotel reservations last night. And because my wireless keyboard sometimes likes to cut out on me, it caused a typo on my last name. I’ve emailed the hotel, so hopefully everything is okay, but I’m still annoyed. I think I might just need to restart my computer. It’s been a while. :blush:

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