January 29, 2006 10:22 am

The Day Of Much Fun

:note: The Doors – “Break On Through”

The day started off with the playing of pool at the PSU campus. We switched teams a bunch, and it ended up that Paul won four times, me three, Callie two and Daniel one.

Playing Pool


Then we drove toward Vancouver, stopping at Target to return the overpriced tea kettle and the unneeded vacuum. We got to the ice rink and – whadda ya know – there’s a hockey game. Fortunately, the place had two rinks.


The provided skates were ridiculously uncomfortable. However, we made do and skated for over two hours. Callie and I kept narrowly avoiding death by some stupid girl with a blue hooded sweatshirt who kept skating diagonally THE WRONG DIRECTION around the rink and cutting in front of us. She almost killed me three times, Callie once. I really didn’t like that little girl. I think I only saw her skating the correct direction once out of the whole time we were there.

Ice Skates!

In the car again…


…to Shari’s for some food!

Spoon On Nose

None of us had ever met Ryan’s wife April before, and I’m pleased to say that 1) she exists, and 2) she’s awesome.

Something Funny

Spoon Noses

We then retreated to Paul’s place of residence and played a rousing game of Cranium. Daniel and I were winning through the entire game until we got to the center brain. We are apparently not on the same wavelength when it comes to the blue cards – the creative ones. CASE IN POINT: if someone draws you a picture of Stonehenge underwater, what do you think of? I certainly do not think of Atlantis, that’s for sure. Stonehenge underwater. Pffft. It ended up that we stayed on that stupid blue card (our last one, we only needed to win one to win the whole game) until everyone else was in the middle as well. Then, Callie and Paul came from behind and stormed the game with the EASIEST factoid ever. Factoids are scary because they are not multiple choice, and you just have to pull the answer out of nowhere.

Their question? “What position does Harry Potter play on the Quidditch team?”

HOW COULD THEY HAVE ENDED UP WITH THAT QUESTION FOR THE WIN? And I have to guess “Atlantis” from a drawing of STONEHENGE UNDERWATER? I am not bitter that they won. I am bitter that they got the easiest, stupidest factoid ever. :P

We got home at 2-something in the morning, and I went to bed at three. Callie and I are going to do homework again today and I was going to run to the library this morning to pick up some books for research, but, ah, the library apparently doesn’t open until noon today. Fantastic. I got up at 8:45am for no reason. I could have slept in until 12, but nooooo… Now I’m not sure what to do. I also was a very bad person and asked Daniel to come with me, so he got up at 9 and took a shower and got ready, only we don’t have to go now and he still has to go to work after not sleeping very much. Eeep. Sorry. :blush:

In conclusion, yesterday was a ton of fun. I really must go ice skating more often.

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