January 22, 2006 9:10 pm

New Hard Drive Installed!

:note: Richard Cheese – “Rockafeller Skank”

Callie came over today so we could research stuff for History of Photography, and later on, Paul came over too. Then we met Daniel at work and got pizza and came back here to eat it. Very fun. Then, Paul decided he could install my new fantastic hard drive. I was kind of scared, because we all remember the time he infected my computer with a lethal virus and caused me to have to reformat my computer four times in two months, but he assured me everything would be fine. And it was! I have SO MUCH STORAGE SPACE! Thanks, Paul! And thank you Daniel for buying it for me! Wooooo! :cheer:

Everybody’s playing Super Smash Bros on GameCube and I’m over here because, well, I was over here to begin with but also because we only have three controllers. One is an actual GC controller, one is an oddly oversized one that I got at Walmart, and Daniel got me the other one because it is cutely undersized and wireless. Um, yes, I am spoiled. Heh.

I have partitioned my hard drive into three parts: Websites, School, and Media. Hopefully, this will help me be more organized. I’m usually pretty good about saving things where they belong, but some things I just don’t know what to do with. Like layout stuff. Do I put it in the “My Pictures -> Layouts” folder, completely separate from my actual website stuff folder, or do I put it in the website folder, despite the fact that it’s not yet currently uploaded and may never be? I don’t know.

Um, but now I am off to write the paper I was researching stuff for. Wish me luck; it’s about differences between life in the 1820s-1840 and life today. I need five facts and they have to be unique and excitingly different. Ha. :sneer: I am not amused.

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