January 14, 2006 2:46 pm

Kangabees Haysquare

:note: Weltenbrand – “The Wildmannli”

Yesterday was Friday the 13th, so we went over to Callie and Paul’s to have some spaghetti and play Harry Potter Scene It! because Callie got it for Christmas. None of us had really played any of the Scene It! games before, and in my opinion the learning curve is pretty steep. It takes a while to get the hang of the game, and I had no idea it even involved a board and dice and cards. I thought it was all played with the DVD.

I had declared at the beginning that I was going to win, but, um, I was sort of kidding. I didn’t mean to actually win. I felt bad about it because then the game was over and we had to watch this obnoxiously long “Congratulations! You WON!” sequence on the DVD and people were throwing House Cards at me and saying bad things. Okay, so I’m kidding about the card throwing and name calling but I did feel bad. But hey, I won! :good:

There’s a certain category of game on the DVD where they show a series of flash cards and based on the pictures, you come up with a character’s name. One time, the cards showed a kangaroo, a bumblebee, the letter s, a bale of hay, and a bunch of rows of squares. I started talking through it and immediately realized that the last picture was a “grid,” which meant that the rest of it would have been “roo bee s hay grid” which is obviously “Rubeus Hagrid.” Paul was like, WTF – that’s a KANGA-roo, not a ‘roo! And Daniel piped up in a terrible hilbilly accent, “I gots it! It’s a Kangabees Haysquare!” Kangabees Haysquare was the running joke for the rest of the night.

Then we discovered the section of the DVD that does let you just ignore the board and dice and just sit and watch the DVD and yell out answers. The only problem was that after every mini-game question thing, it’d revert back to the main menu for a few seconds and we had to watch the same menu animation of Harry Potter wearing goggles, moving back on his broom and performing a backflip. Daniel and Paul started chanting with the animation as it progressed, which resulted in them saying, “Goggles… Backflip… ASS!” about 37 thousand times.

Then the TV freaked out and got a bit louder and really scarily staticky sounding, so Paul got up and went to investigate. He grabbed the volume dial and started turning it down, but the volume went up! And up and up and the stereo began blinking OVERLOAD OVERLOAD OVERLOAD and we were screaming and then it shut off by itself. :shock:

So that’s my Friday the 13th scary story.

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  • Yolanda says:

    What a freaky friday occurence! We played the TV Scene it and it was a blast- then we tried the movie one and eh it was a little steep so we went back to silly tv which was much more fun.