August 21, 2005 12:43 am

The Banana Thing Was Seriously Gross.

:note: Culture Club – “Karma Chameleon”

We saw the funniest movie ever yesterday: The 40 Year Old Virgin. HILARIOUS. I kid you not, I laughed out loud several times during the movie, and I don’t normally do that. There are so many parts in it that just cracked me up; I can’t even begin to think of them all now. It is totally worth the $8 you’d have to spend to see it.

Daniel and I spent the day swimming, eating, and playing frisbee with Paul and Callie. I think I may have even gotten a bit of a tan line!

Weird things that happened yesterday:
:arrow: I got an inflatable toy for .69 cents. :D
:arrow: Paul tried to deep-throat a (unpeeled) banana covered in mayonnaise. :yuck:
:arrow: I gagged thinking about Ranch Dressing.
:arrow: Paul ran a red light on accident.
:arrow: We drove to the Ape Caves to see if we could find Daniel’s sister working there, and we did!
:arrow: I finally got some of my stuff from Callie’s apartment that I forgot when I moved out a year ago.

Much fun.

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