July 31, 2005 11:04 pm

Personalization and the Good News

:note: the White Stripes (in my head)

I spent all day being too hot. Callie called and suggested we go to the Portland Saturday Market (it’s on Sunday’s too :)), so I agreed and walked down to her place to meet up. I didn’t buy anything; I saw some stuff I would have liked (jewelry from experts like a Glass Artist and dresses), but tried to save my money.

I was particularly interested in this personalized name stand – this guy cuts your name out of a piece of pine, $1 per letter. They’re unfinished so you can either leave them like that or stain them or paint them or do whatever you want to them. I’m very interested in name things like that because my name is SO hard to find. Well, my spelling. They always have “Megan” and usually “Meghan,” but never “Meggan.” I own two things that are personalized, one is a wallhanging thing (fabric, pillow-type letters strung together) and the other is a little wooden keychain. I spent $5 or $6 on the keychain and I had to beg my mom for the money because I didn’t have any on me at the time. I love it. I probably wouldn’t be as interested if they were easy to find.

My mom tried to fake it once by buying “Megan” pens and then writing another G on each of them with a permanent marker. :sarc: Nice try, I suppose…

Speaking of my mom, I talked to her today and she said something that totally blew my mind. She SUGGESTED A 1-BEDROOM APARTMENT to me. My mom. Suggested a new apartment. To me. A 1-bed. Meaning an apartment for Daniel and I. BOTH. Together.

I think my mom has lost her mind.

I am amazingly happy about this. :D

P.S. Happy birthday to JessicaRabbit’s son Steve! He’s turning 15 (if I remember correctly) and he has the same birthday as Harry Potter. :dork: Yay Steve!:ministar:

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