July 2, 2005 12:51 pm


:note: Type O Negative – “Light My Fire (Doors cover)” :ton:

Daniel made it back to Portland safely. I miss him already. :love:

Heidi and I went to breakfast in our pajamas this morning and ended up seeing the twins again. I got French toast, scrambled eggs and sausage links; Heidi got a cinnamon roll and hash browns with cheese. Very delicious. :yum:

While she and Daniel were in Coeur d’ Alene yesterday they stopped by Target and Heidi got me a new swimsuit for my birthday! :D I brought my old swimsuit with me, but the other day when I went to put it on I realized that the top was a bit, um, snug. To say the least. So I didn’t really feel comfortable wearing it around small children or anyone really. Heidi and Daniel attempted to determine my size without me there to confirm it and they did a great job and the suit fits wonderfully. The funny part of the story? Bottoms: size M. Top: size XXL. Don’t tell me I’m not disproportionate. :dis:

Totally unrelated:

What Kind of Web Designer Are You?
You are probably a Standards Geek. You’re all about validation, structural markup, external style sheets and one version of your site to fit all purposes. The World Wide Web Consortium is your master and the Gecko browsers changed your life. Possibly you spend your free time hunting down people who use the font tag, and lecturing them on the error of their ways. You may come across as elitist and – dare we say – humourless, but the cross-platform functionality of your sites is a powerful argument in your favour. In fact, the future of the Web may well be in your hands.

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  • Daniel says:

    I’m glad you like your swimsuit! You’d better go to the beach a lot. I hope you have fun and get to hang out with everyone more. Love ya!

  • I’ve seen you comment on JR’s site and looked over here once or twice.

    I’m so oblivious I didn’t seem to notice that you live in Portland and that you are a Cancer like me..

    When’s your birthday? Mine’s the 12th.

    I live in Springfield, OR. Someone who is actually kinda close to me, HURRAY!