June 27, 2005 11:57 pm

I Love Friends.

:note: some Blur song

I had so much fun today! We hung out with Heidi and went to Dollar Bowling Night at the bowling alley/tanning salon/ weird merchandise place. I bowled an 85 and then a 104! That’s amazing for me!

I watched a bit of “Along Came Polly” and then we left to go to a bar, one of the few that serves food so we can actually get into it. I got to see my friends Adam and Max and Hailey, and then this other guy named Adam that Daniel knows, and this girl named Jolee and her boyfriend Adam. :lol: I totally didn’t realize how many Adams there were until I just wrote that. Probably because I tend to refer to the first and the third Adams by their last names. Anyway, SO MUCH FUN. I love friends. I miss hanging out with people I know. We made plans to get together before Daniel has to leave on Friday.

I’m staying the night at Daniel’s tonight and then tomorrow my parents are taking us to Spokane for some baseball game. I don’t like baseball, but my mom promised to buy me food, so that’s cool.

I am totally loving my vacation so far.

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  • I am so glad your having a good time! I am redoing my house, today I ripped out all the carpet in my bedroom and moved all the furniture. Not nearly as much fun as what your having, I would love to be on vacation. How bout you come here and puppy sit and Ill go have your mom buy me food heheh.

    Im glad your having fun lady, it sounds like a really nice time.

  • Callie says:

    I’m so glad you’re enjoying your vacation!!! I’m enjoying mine as well… Paul and I have been going absolutely nonstop. But now I’m in California, so there’ll be *plenty* of time on my hands, and winding down, and relaxing. But yes. Keep up those good times!

  • Callie says:

    (dood… your S looks so weird in IE… just thought i’d tell you)