June 26, 2005 10:34 pm


:note: Incredibad – “The Heist”

Today I saw what could quite possibly be the funniest thing to ever happen in a Walmart parking lot.

I was with Daniel and Heidi, and as we were walking to our car we saw my friend Lindsay! She stopped her car and got out to talk. After quite a while, I looked behind Daniel and remarked, “wow, I think that truck just blew up.” A black pickup had smoke pouring out of the cab (yes, the cab, not from under the hood or anything) and some guy with tight pants was waving his baseball cap at the flames, which is OBVIOUSLY the thing to do if your car is on fire. You know, give it some oxygen. The truck wasn’t really blowing up, but there was definitely some sort of fire behind the seat in the pickup. As soon as he turned around from fanning the flames, we realized the guy was this total asshole we went to high school with. :lol:

He’s the guy that physically threatened Star and I at a Pep Band game because we told him the truth about his trumpet playing, which was that it totally blew. After the threat, Daniel made a remark about him thinking he was really cool because he could threaten two girls, which prompted the guy to challenge Daniel to a fight. When Daniel took him up on it, the guy said, “I’ll be waiting for you outside.” Daniel went out there knowing full well he wasn’t going to be there, so when he wasn’t, Daniel went back into the band room and was like, “Where were you? I was waiting for you!” and the guy just blew him off.

He’s also the guy that (in seventh grade) got into some sort of fight with a kid and then put up flyers around the school basically saying “Meet me at (wherever) at 12 noon Saturday. My dad and I will fight you.”

And he’s also the guy who transferred schools so he could play baseball because the entire baseball team here TOTALLY HATED HIM and didn’t want him on the team.

He’s a real winner, that one. The sort that would fan flames on his pickup to put them out. :sarc:

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