June 11, 2005 1:48 pm

Skating Party!

:note: Incredibad – “The Heist”

Paul’s rollerskating idea was very fun. I got roller skates instead of rollerblades, just for fun, and I have to say that rollerblading is SO MUCH EASIER. I think if I went again I’d get rollerblades. Also, little kids are TREACHEROUS on skates. There was one stupid kid that was going a million miles an hour around the rink. The kid finally ran into Daniel and ricocheted off of him and hit some poor little girl which knocked the both of them over. And then the stupid kid just got up and skated off. I felt really bad for the little girl. And then some of the kids would come up behind you going SUPER FAST and they’d cut right in front of you. What would compound the problem was that I kept trying to use my heels as brakes instead of my toes, so I never did stop when I wanted to.

A bunch of kids would line up around the edge of the rink and stick their arms out to give people high-fives as they skated past. Callie was giving all the kids high-fives and the last kid, instead of high-fiving her, grabbed her hand and hung on so she swung around into the wall. It sounds funny (I thought so at least) but it was a really asshole thing to do.

After skating we went to Shari’s for some food. James threw an ice cube at Paul and it somehow went in the little gap between his glasses and his head and hit him in the eye. It was hilarious. He wasn’t too amused. Then we went back to Callie’s for cake and ended up playing Charades. We wrote down things on little pieces of paper and drew them out of a bowl. The ones I wrote were impossible, I did “Wilford Brimley (the Quaker Oats guy)” and “the Iditarod” and “the Beatles” and “Harry Potter.” Paul ended up having to act out Wilford Brimley so I apologized a bunch, but it ended up being guessed fairly quickly.

It must be mentioned that I’m awful at Charades, so I kept trying not to guess because I didn’t want to have to act stuff out. I ended up having to act out “Getting to the center of a tootsie pop” and “Gir” from Invader Zim. They both got guessed so I figure I wasn’t too bad.

At any rate, it was an awful lot of fun. I met James’ wife Steph and some girl Callie and Paul know named Rachel. Yay!

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  • Shannon says:

    Wow.. roller skating sounds fun! What a great idea! I work at a day camp this summer and we skate every now and then and I completely agree with you on older kids being so inconsiderate. A lot of my group (6-7 years old) get hurt. :( It’s sad.