June 6, 2005 3:19 pm

Unicorns And More

:note: Edge Of Sanity – “Crimson”

The lunch with the president of my school went all right. :whew: I mentioned that it’s lame that in the two years I’ve been at Ai, I’ve had four different department directors. I respect people’s decisions to step down or leave or whatever, but it still sucks.

Congratulations go out to Callie and Paul, yesterday was their one year anniversary! :heartbeat: They even took the time to help me with my Type II poster! Thanks, guys.

Asa was supposed to stop by last night on his way to L.A. and he never did. Apparently his friends ran out of gas in the Tri-cities (Pasco, Kennewick and something else, in Washington) so they arrived in Portland later than they expected (1am instead of 8pm) and they just got a hotel room instead. And then this morning we were going to go out to breakfast with them but they got up late and his friends decided they wanted to just get on the road. Lame. :sarc: This comes a few weeks after Max and Hailey left L.A. and had horrible car problems in Bakersfield, CA and had to wait out the weekend there and ended up taking a train to Sandpoint, completely bypassing us in the process. I think his transmission blew up or something, I’m not really sure. At any rate, there have been at least THREE people that were coming to visit that never did end up visiting. Maybe it’s the curse of Los Angeles or something. :blah:

The aforementioned poster:

unicorn poster

I eventually also have to design a CD label and a little envelope for the CD to go in, and it all has to go with the poster. Graphic design classes will be the death of me.

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