May 8, 2005 11:38 am

Happy Mother’s Day!

:note: Nine Inch Nails – “Every Day Is Exactly The Same”

Happy Mother’s Day! :chubbysmile: I hope everybody’s day is going well so far. I’ve tried to call my mom but I keep getting the dumb CallWave voicemail thing. :dis: Ah well. I’ll try later.

Daniel got a phone call at 1:15am last night from a supervisor for his store, who told Daniel that he’s “stuck” in Seattle and won’t be making it in to open the store in the morning. :grumbly: That meant that Daniel had to be at work at 8am instead of 11am and that he’d miss a phone call from his grandma. His Grandma Kay called yesterday while he was at work and I told her that while I didn’t know what time he had to go to work the next day, 9am would probably be a pretty safe time to call. She said she’d call at 9:30am. Therefore, I talked to her again today and had to tell her that yes, he was at work, and no, I have no idea when he goes in tomorrow. I did tell her happy mother’s day though, so that has to count for something, right? I just feel bad that nobody can ever get ahold of Daniel because his work schedule is so loopy.

Right now, they’ve got him doing this weird thing where he opens some days, closes others, and works the mid-shift on other days. I have NO IDEA when he’s going into work or getting off work or anything. EVER. All I know is that his days off are Fridays and Saturdays. Except this week, all the managers and supervisors were either out of town or not in or something, so they gave him Thursday off and made him work Saturday. AUGH. That’s not even set in stone. I hate it. Every morning he’ll tell me when he has to be at work and when he should be home, and that’s all I know.

I was successfully domestic yesterday. I did all the dishes (mine andDaniels) and I did the laundry. Funny story there – we have to pay for laundry here, and someone has conveniently kept the coin-op box open on the washer, so you don’t have to put in money, you just press down this little lever and the washer starts filling up. Of course, I only do laundry like, once a month, so I didn’t realize that this stupid box was open until I had already put in my dollar. :mad: In light of that though, once that load got done, I just threw it in my laundry basket and did another load for free and then dried them both together. I’m still mad that I could have only paid a dollar for laundry instead of two, but oh well. Maybe I’ll get one of those clothes drying racks and NEVER PAY FOR LAUNDRY AGAIN. That’ll show them.

Oh, and I also made cookies. With the toaster oven. And the power didn’t even go out. I also had Invader Zim playing all day long, so I now shout “I AM ZIM!” and “Ride the piggy!” and “I love-ed you piggy, I love-ed you.” all the time. I love that show. Thanks again, JessicaRabbit. :wink:

I also watched a bunch of Spongebob Squarepants episodes too; I laughed out loud at the Squidward’s Ghost one because they had the WORST JOKE EVER in there. Spongebob and Patrick are slaving away for Squidward, thinking he’s a ghost, and they’re carrying him around on a bed. He keeps saying, “Too hot,” and “too this” and “too that” and they carry him over to this weird poster and he says “Toulouse Lautrec.” Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec made a bunch of famous posters in the late 1800s; you might recognize one he did for the Moulin Rouge (the place, not the movie). I mean, I realize that people might not catch that (or they might but not understand it), but man, I totally did and it was hilariously dumb. That’s what I love best about Spongebob.

Anyway, I should try to do homework or something. Have a good day, everybody! :happyheart:

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