April 24, 2005 12:52 pm

Web Raising, Queen Latifah, Sushi, and Sumos

:note: Nirvana – “Heart-Shaped Box”

Yesterday was the Web Raising, hence why I didn’t update at all yesterday. I was at the school from 7:00am until they kicked us out at about 11:55pm or so. :whew: It was so much work. We’re still not completely done, but we handed it off to them and it has been uploaded to their server, so it’s kind of out of our hands for the most part. All three of the sites our school worked on went live yesterday, which is awesome.

To see what we did, go to http://www.ocha-nw.org/new_webpage. I know there’s a PHP error on the homepage, but I have no idea where it came from. I didn’t do any of the PHP scripting. Anyway, that’s the new site. You can see the old one by just going to ocha-nw.org, and I think you’ll agree that ours is an improvement. Much more inviting. And the people from the organization were happy with it as well, which is what counts I think.

Queen Latifah. I had a dream last night that involved Queen Latifah. I don’t want to go into detail, but um, in my dream someone was performing a sexual act on Queen Latifah in a city bus. The aforementioned sexual act involved a… uh… it involved someone’s fist. :gross: I was a few seats up and was absolutely HORRIFIED and she was trying to keep a conversation going with me. I don’t know where that came from. Later on in the dream I was walking alongside a highway and a HUGE white van was parked in my way. It was super luxurious and fuzzy on the inside, and these snobby ladies were being mean and dumb. I was eating barbeque chips at the time, so I threatened to wipe my stained, chip-crumby hands on the interior of their van, and they drove off. I chased after them waving my hands in the air for a few yards and then gave up. :wtf:

Callie and Paul insisted on going out for sushi, so we went to this place called “Sushi Go-Round” that they had heard of. We couldn’t figure out why the place was named that until we went in – all the sushi is on little plates that move around the entire restaurant on a little conveyer belt! It was so cool! The “kitchen” is in the center of the restaurant and you can watch the guys make sushi the whole time you’re there. I don’t really know what I ate. I had some little potstickers (which were very good) and some rice with asparagus on top wrapped with seaweed (which wasn’t as good, the seaweed was REALLY fishy). I tried something Callie called a “California Roll” (I think?) and it had imitation crab and cucumber in it. Wasn’t a big fan of that one. Daniel even found things that he liked and he HATES seafood. Hates it. So it was pretty fun.

At Sushi-Go-Round there’s a big cardboard cutout of a sumo, so we took pictures with him. :camera:

sumo paul

sumo meggan

sumo daniel

sumo callie

So yeah, that’s how my last few days have been. I was exhausted last night; working for basically 17 straight hours on developing a website is draining. My brain felt like it was melting out of my ears. There were some things we’d have to pick up the slack for HOURS down the line because nobody noticed it to begin with, and that was really frustrating. Ah well. I never have to think of it again. Ha.

And since I have been completely busy the last few days, I have no shampoo, no conditioner, no clean clothes, no food, and my room is a total mess. I sound hot. I assure you, I am. Really. :lookup:

As of today, Daniel and I have been together for… three years and… ten months. He surprised me this morning with a SUPER AWESOME pretty new umbrella and some SUPER AWESOME cat-eye sunglasses.

umbrella and glasses

Greatest boyfriend ever. :heartgrin:

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