April 13, 2005 11:54 pm

The Cheese Powder Incident

:note: The’s – “Woo Hoo”

I’m in a butt-kickin’ mood. One of Callie’s roommates said mean things about Callie on her MySpace blog. This is the totally intolerable roommate who never helps clean up around the house, bakes lots and lots of goodies but won’t share and then lets them sit out forever (under the guise that they’re “for friends,” who never end up showing up), who dates and has sex with various, way older guys (she’s 18), and who smuggles open bottles of wine onto the MAX train to… drink later? Who knows. And she’s mean. Not an upstanding person. She said things that, if you didn’t know any better, you would have thought that one of the other girls in the house was saying those things about her.

I felt bad moving out of the apartment with Callie in case she didn’t get along with the new girls that were moving in. Fortunately, the girl Callie rooms with is nice and pretty cool. The mean roommate though… Eesh. :yuck: She’s… yeah. Ugh. And I feel bad, because had I stayed, there’s a chance we wouldn’t have gotten a fourth girl and it would have been just the three of us who mostly got along again. *sigh* Callie, I’m sorry. :dis:

Thanks for all the comments on my last entry! I got really excited to see five individual people commenting. This sounds sarcastic, I swear to god it isn’t. I promise. I :love: you all. :ministar: The time got all funky on that post, so it was actually supposed to be the 11th, not the 12th. I’ll have to go in and change it or something. Daniel got home the 11th. Just to clarify.

Blogger is being stupid and not letting me comment on JessicaRabbit’s blog, or her Bobblehead Hillbilly’s blog either. I wanted to welcome him to the happy world of …journaling. I hate the word blog. It’s hideous. Zombie Flyboy had a great discussion about this on his site a bit ago. JessicaRabbit renamed hers an Ass Wood. Mine is a “journal,” because I am so terribly imaginative.

I bought two of the most awesome things at Goodwill today. And yes, I am totally a dork. :dork: I found a necktie that looked almost exactly like a Gryffindor tie. I had to get it. I’ve been looking for one. I will probably never wear it. Actually, I take that back, I might wear it to the grand release date of Book #6.
The other thing I got was a computer game. That doesn’t sound very dorky, but um, well, it’s a computer game for computers that take 5 1/4″ floppy disks. OLD computers. The reason I got it is because it is a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy game. For ancient computers. How totally cool is that?!? I’m very excited.

hitchhiker's guide and gryffindor tie

This is probably the crappiest picture ever taken. I hate indoor lighting, it turns everything this disgusting yellow color that’s almost impossible to remove completely. Anyway, that’s the tie at the bottom (duh) and the game. It’s still in the plastic, but it’s been opened. I looked at the floppy disk and it’s SO HUGE.

Game requirements:
Computer running MS-DOS version 2.0 or higher
192 kilobytes of RAM
Blank disk or hard disk for your play disk
Printer for SCRIPTing
Blank formatted disk for SAVEs

:haha: 192 kilobytes of RAM. I… oh man. I love computers. I have, um, a lot more RAM than that.

OH! Also, for those of you who are courteous to read down this far, I have an amazingly funny story. This happened to me today at school. For lunch today I brought some (organic, Annie’s brand from Trader Joe’s) easy mac microwavable macaroni and cheese, figuring I could just microwave it in between working and going to class. This was not my problem. The package is perforated between the noodles compartment and the cheese compartment. I was ripping the two apart when it accidentally ripped a small hole in the cheese powder packet.

Thinking I could still continue to separate the two packets, I continued turning the packets over (for better ripping leverage), which caused the escaping cheese powder to fly all over the counter, the front of my hoodie, and in the front pocket of my messenger bag. I didn’t lose a lot of powder really, but MAN does that stuff have coverage. Ugh. Everything smelled of cheese. And that stuff is SO ORANGE. For reference, my bag is black and my hoodie is dark navy blue. :sarc:

It turned out okay in the end, because I had more than enough cheese powder left to make the stuff, and it tasted okay too. Right afterward, I went to class and right when I walked in the door, before I even said ANYTHING, Keith offered me half of one of the squishy, molasses-ginger cookies I get at Whole Foods all the time. I could have hugged him. :hug: It was just what I needed after that stupid cheese powder ordeal.

Sorry for the long, rambling post. I didn’t mean to neglect this site yesterday, but I was gone all day and Daniel and I both fell asleep at like, 8pm. We’d been up since 5:45am, though, so it’s sort of understandable. Anyway, thanks for all the block ideas! I’ll try to get around to making some soon. If you have any more, feel free to sign the guestblock and say so, or comment or something. Woo!

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