February 15, 2005 6:09 pm

The Great Pool Disaster

:note:Fear Factory – “Shock”

Today didn’t go well. I couldn’t figure out this particular scripting thing on my homework, and it ended up being on the midterm. :( That’s never good. I told Tom that (when I turned it in), and he just sort of chuckled (not in a mean way) and was like, “oh yeah? huh.” Which means it’s probably something really easy. In the comments in the code I put “This doesn’t work. I don’t know what it is with me and changing the background color, but it doesn’t work.” :| Because it didn’t and I have NO idea why. Totally disappointing.

Daniel :heartgrin: got me a CHOCOLATE PIGGY :pig: for Valentine’s day! It’s a chocolate piggy with OTHER chocolate piggies inside. :D And some really really pretty flowers. I don’t know what kind they are because I don’t know flowers very well, but I think they might be lilies of some sort. My camera is charging right now, but when it’s through I’m going to take pictures of the flowers and the piggy. He also got me special marshmallows and some awesome truffles. They’re DELICIOUS.

Last night, Callie and Paul picked up Daniel and I and we went to Muchos Gracias for some food. Romantic, I know. And then we drove to the Lucid Dream Machine.


When we arrived, the windows looked suspiciously dark, but they always do. As we walked up to the door, we saw this:

ldm hours
and this:
ldm hours

So there went our plans for the night. :grumbly:

poolthingFortunately, there’s an all-ages pool hall about three or four blocks from the LDM, so we headed there. I’ve talked to the owners before, and they told me that they found a Pool table delivery company that gave them a very nice deal which is why they’re so well equipped, and there’s plenty of tables for the space which is great. We played three games total, and my team lost all three times. It was lots of fun though. I had a really hard shot to make, so Paul brought over that weird “prop” thing that looks like a pool cue but with wiggly things at the end. See my crap drawing to the left. I set it up so it would work how it was supposed to, and put my pool cue into the dip made for it at the end of the “thing” (see left). I carefully lined up my shot, took a few practice movings-of-the-cue, and then all hell broke loose.

When I took my shot, I…

I, um…

Well, I let go of the pool cue. :oops:

It and the “thing” fell on the pool table, balls went flying, and nothing worked how it was supposed to. Callie was curled up in a ball on the floor laughing so hard she was almost crying. We couldn’t even look at each other without laughing after that.

playing pool

pool daniel

pool paul

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