February 13, 2005 12:32 pm

She Really Does Look Like A Blowfish.

:note: Reel Big Fish – “A Little Doubt Goes A Long Way”

Sorry – it’s gotten to the point now that if I don’t post anything, I’m afraid people will think I’m dead. Well, I’m not. I just, um, had a life yesterday? :lol: Not really. But I did hang out with real live humans, which is an improvement.

I was having a jammies day and there was a knock on Daniel’s door at like, 5pm or so. I briefly considered not answering it, because if they’re knocking on Daniel’s door they’re obviously trying to get ahold of him, not me. But I did answer it, and it was PAUL asking me if I wanted to go to Fry’s Electronics with him. I said okay and ran to get dressed.

Afterward, we went to Red Robin for some food, and then stopped back by my house to grab Daniel, and headed to Vancouver.

We ended up watching the Grudge, which was actually pretty scary. Callie and Paul had both seen it, but they were still scared at some parts, I think. After it was over we ended up watching “the making of” and some other special feature, which showed it being shot with all the cameras and stuff, so it really de-valued the scary level. I would probably be a lot more freaked out now if I hadn’t watched that. So, um, that’s a good thing.

I also never really realized how stupid Sarah Michelle Gellar was.

Since watching it, I had a dream last night that involved the old lady that looked like a blowfish, weird spirit-like things, and my friend Freya. It also involved these two gold heart-shaped lockets. The blowfish woman was trying to steal them from Freya and I, but if you had both lockets, they turned the same color so you couldn’t tell which was the real one and which one was the fake one. It was weird, but what’s funnier is that apparently the crazy blowfish lady scared me more thand the murdered girl because she was the bad guy in the dream.

I have some pictures :camera: I need to post here because I was messing around with long-exposure times, except I was doing it by trying to take pictures while Paul was driving on the freeway. There was one that turned out spectacular, and some others that were just okay. Worth seeing, though. Except they’re still on my camera, and it’s in my room and I’m using Daniel’s computer. So those will have to wait, along with the pig.

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