February 3, 2005 7:58 pm

Birthdays All Around

:note: Green Day – “We Are The Waiting”

First off, Happy birthday to Star and Sean’s baby Keenan! He turns one year old today! :star: I remember hearing about his impending arrival, and it seems like just yesterday. Star, I’m really really proud of you! You’re an awesome mom. Keenan is an adorable baby, and even though I don’t get to spend much time with you guys, I still think he’s one of the happiest babies I’ve ever been around. I think that says a lot. :happyheart: I hope you guys had a lot of fun today. Congratulations.

Also, as a side note, it’s Leta’s birthday today as well. It’s birthday day!

My room is freezing. Eesh. Okay, well, Keith and I are doing really well on our database project, so that’s good. :) We’re not really ahead of the game too much, but we’re right where we’re supposed to be, which is good.

Daniel almost didn’t walk me to school today because his room was messy. :loco: He finally decided that it would be okay to walk me to school because it might not take a significant amount of time away from his room cleaning efforts. I went to school about an hour early in order to do my reading, but (wouldn’t you know it) somebody had the book checked out. :sarc: So I tried, I really did. I even got up early to do it, and then I couldn’t due to outside circumstances.

I don’t have a whole lot more to talk about. I wish I could be deep and insightful about something (not something terrible though, I’m not asking for a disaster to happen :woggly: ) but I don’t have kids or pets to be deep and insightful about, and I really don’t do much other than go to school and grocery shop. :melt:

I’m going to go work on my portfolio site. I promise I’ll tell you what it is soon. I just… I want it to look nice. And have some content. Right now, it’s lacking both. But WordPress is working fantastically. :keyboard:

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