February 2, 2005 9:52 pm

HoMC Sounds Like Homsar…

:note: Hedwig and the Angry Inch – “Midnight Radio”

I feel terrible. :yuck: Not sick terrible, but like, girly problems terrible. I’ve just been feeling weird and hurtful all day. *sigh* Lame. I’m not the sort of person that openly talks about this sort of thing, but I really do feel awful today.

I had a weird night last night – I needed to do a project (a collage) for History of Material Cultures II (which will heretofore be referred to as HoMC2) and I didn’t really even start it until 11:30pm (which is okay, because the class wasn’t until 6pm today). But then, then I made the fatal mistake of going into Daniel’s room for some company, and ended up laying down on his bed and then I did the absolute UNTHINKABLE and I fell asleep for an HOUR. A whole freaking hour. I remember looking at the clock at 12:08am, and then I woke up at 1am. LAME. :mad: Daniel ended up pulling me out of bed and gently pushing me down the hallway and into my computer chair. I was SO TIRED.

Once I sat down, I started to wake up a little and I ended up doing a fairly decent job on the project, I think. I didn’t finish it until 3am (which isn’t bad, really) and then I went to bed. I maybe would have gotten a good night’s sleep, but I had the alarm set for 8am because I had to go print the project at Kinko’s in the morning, because Callie and I were going to leave for Fry’s Electronics at 11. As it turned out, I didn’t end up getting up until 9, because Daniel’s dad called at 8:45am (apparently it was noon in New Jersey or wherever he was on his busines trip). I took a shower and went to Kinko’s and then hung out in my room until I finally called Callie at 11:20. She said she’d be on her way “soon,” so that ended up being at like, 12:00.

We got to Fry’s okay, but before we even made it out of Portland we took a wrong exit on the freeway. :lookup: It was a really funny mistake, because we both knew we didn’t want that exit (we didn’t want ANY exit at that point), she just happened to be in the far right lane and that lane ended up being an exit REALLYFAST. We got back on the freeway though without any problems. We took another wrong exit right before Wilsonville, because it said “N. Wilsonville” and we got excited and exited, only to realize that we didn’t want N. Wilsonville, we just wanted the plain old Wilsonville exit. After those fiascos, everything went okay. I got my DVD+Rs, Mini-DV tape and VHS tape for ItE. All is well.

I absolutely ADORE the Hedwig and the Angry Inch soundtrack. :pinkheart: It’s so… powerful. I love it very much. I really feel like watching the movie now that I’m listening to the CD. And I can now thanks to Daniel’s mom! Woo! :chubbysmile: :redheart:

:haha: And just for the record, Daniel doesn’t live under a rock. At least as far as I know. :lol: I’m starting to feel bad for making such a big deal about the song, but it’s really funny to me. And Sharon, you totally haven’t failed – though that is funny that you lip-synched to them!

Random photo :camera: of the day:

piggy in grass

This is on top of a parking attendant structure. I’m going to take a better picture during the day (I took this tonight at about 8:20pm on the way home from class) so you can see him in all his glory. He’s this weird wooden pig in some fake grass. I like him. He looks especially glorious when it’s a really clear blue sky, because if you get down low enough you can’t see any buildings behind him, so he’s just this great pig against blue sky and green grass. :) How fun.

:plug: Thank you: Jennifer

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