December 25, 2004 12:18 pm

Happy Birthday Jesus!

:note: Fear Factory – “Archetype”

The 22nd, Daniel’s dad took us to coffee and we saw some of their family. Later, we were walking around and we saw Adam Kohut! He has lost so much weight! It’s crazy. Then, the 23rd, I saw Yaicha for the first time since graduation! She got her nose pierced and the little triangly ear flap thing (kinda on the inside of your ear) pierced. Crazy. It was good to see them though. Yaicha’s still as silly as ever.

It’s snowing! :snow: We didn’t really have any snow which was really weird for North Idaho. Then I woke up this morning and there was like, a whole INCH of snow or something, and that was at 7am and it’s still snowing. We have a white Christmas after all!

Since my family is really weird, my dad’s side of the family celebrates Christmas on the 24th. It’s pretty cool, because it doesn’t ever interfere with anybody else’s Christmas plans so boyfriends (like Daniel :pinkheart:) can come out and not miss their family’s stuff. Anyway, we opened most of our presents yesterday. I got some jammies from my brothers, and some glass swans from my grandma. I think you’re supposed to fill them with water or something interesting like that. Colored water. Anyway, today, Santa gave me some new bras (except Santa doesn’t know what size I wear, so some of them will have to be returned) and some books, and a pair of slippers, and some tangerine Altoids. I was apparently also supposed to receive a digital camera, but for some reason the transaction didn’t go through and my mom didn’t realize it soon enough to order it again to have it here by Christmas. So I still don’t have a digital camera, but it’s sort of in the works. My uncle Ted (who is in Iraq normally but is getting married to a girl named Oksana today in Ukraine) gave each of us kids $100 cash. :eyepop: Awesome. Maybe I can get some clothes now!

It was me and Daniel’s 3.5 year anniversary yesterday. :heartgrin: That’s an awful long time. I love him to death. I hope you enjoy your signed Bruce Campbell book, Danoo!

My family got Daniel the Tenacious D DVD, but he already had it. I got my mom a movie (among other things) that she already had, though, so I guess we’re even. I think my dad liked the CD I got him; at least I hope so. I hope Callie and Paul like their presents! I bet they will though. My mom likes her scarf and her socks! Yay!

Later today, I’m going to my crazy grandma’s house, and then Daniel’s, and then going with them to Jake’s mom’s house. Should be pretty fun. I can’t wait for them to open their presents from me. :) Christmas is great.

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