December 21, 2004 7:36 pm

I Met Max!

:note: Fear Factory – “Drones”

I saw people today! :D I went with my mom downtown and saw these two guys walking around and thought offhandedly, “Maybe I know them…” but I didn’t think much of it. We eventually went into Coldwater Creek (a store) and right when I walked in, I saw my friend Basil and some guy I don’t know. So I said hi and made small talk, and Basil asked me what I was up to recently. I said that I was going to school in Portland. The other guy piped up and was like, “Oh yeah? Where?” and I was like, “You’re Max, aren’t you?” :)

This isn’t as weird as it might seem. Tanner is friends with somebody named Max, who I found out goes to Ai, but I never knew who he was. When the mystery guy sounded so interested in where in Portland I might go to school, I figured it was him. So I was really stoked all day today because I finally met the Max guy! I told him that now that I know who he is, if I see him, I’ll totally say hi to him. Fun stuff!

Right after I said bye to Basil and Max (I love Basil, he’s great :star:) I saw Devon, who was our Salutatorian (however you spell that) when we graduated. He asked me what I was doing and what Daniel was doing, and then he left. Later on, I saw Scotty F and Sage walking around, and then my 3rd/4th grade teacher. It was crazy.

I’m just so excited that I saw Basil and Max! I haven’t seen Basil since probably graduation or something, and now I finally know who Max is. Today was fun.

In other news, the new Harry Potter book is coming out on JULY 16, 2005! :grin::happy::tongue::hearts:I’m totally putting a countdown on my site. I can’t wait.

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