December 8, 2004 7:23 pm

James Is My Hero!

:note: Modest Mouse – “One Chance”

Well, last night sucked.
The MAX had a ten minute layover at some stop, and we had to just sit there and wait. We thought about walking the extra four blocks or so, but it was pouring down rain and we were already really wet from walking the 7 or 8 blocks to the MAX station in the first place. When we FINALLY got to our stop, we had to walk another two or three blocks to actually get to the Kinko’s. And it was busy, so there was a line. And then James took my stuff, but he was the only employee working. :thinking: Apparently everyone else was sick. So he’s there all by himself and there’s a bunch of people and printers were jamming and these guys were trying to save people on death row so they needed like, five million copies and they were trying to catch a flight that night or something.

It was very hectic.

James finally printed my stuff and then I had to cut it all out – I used the super awesome slice-y paper cutter thingy – and put the pages in order. I had to ask James what order they were supposed to go in and he had me come behind the counter and check out the computer to make sure. It’s a good thing I did, too, because I had some of them out of order. It was basically the fault of the “Early Christianity / Byzantium” page. It was all wrong. So then I had him bind it with this neato plastic spiral binding. James said that since I waited, he wasn’t going to charge me for it. :ohmy: He totally just saved me like, $10. Yay, James! THANK YOU.

So by the time we left, it was 1am, and neither Daniel nor I realized that the MAX trains stop running (at that stop) at 12:32pm. Meaning we missed the very last one of the night by a half an hour. Meaning we had to walk home. It was still pouring down rain. :mad: No good. I don’t know how long it took us, but it was well over a half an hour. Taking an estimate, I’d figure it was around the vicinity of 31-35 blocks… But some of the blocks were big. Anyway, it was pouring the whole time.

So… lame. Then when we got home, I ate some taquitos (chicken and cheese) and promptly passed out. I somehow managed to sleep until 7am this morning, when I normally get up at 6am because I have class at 8:00. I didn’t have time to take a shower, and NONE of my sketches were done. I had to have the book printed last night so I could do the sketches that night (it was due today) and I didn’t even get one of them done. I ended up doing them during my CSS class. :oops: Tom didn’t care though, I don’t think. He didn’t really have anything planned for the day anyway. So I managed to finish all of the sketches, write the accompanying essay, AND write the weekly reading response. So all is well in the land of Material Cultures.

I need to go write a report on XML and XHTML; sort of a “who” “what” “when” “where” “why” and “how” report. But not on paper, no, because this school is awesome, we get to format the whole thing with XHTML. I love coding.

There’s a girl Daniel works with named Holly, and we’re apparently going to hang out with her tonight after they get off work at 9:30. She’s 18 and draws awesome pictures of looney looking reindeer. She’s kind of like us in the fact that while she may have a lot of friends, they don’t live near here so she’s lonely. She has a boyfriend and stuff, but he lives elsewhere – where she grew up, I think. Which is still in Oregon, but sucky because it’s not Portland. So we’re going to rent movies and eat junk food and stuff. Should be fun. I like her. :)

Tomorrow night, Callie and Paul are coming over! Yay! And I know what Callie’s getting Paul for Christmas! They’re fun. I like them too. Friends are fun!

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