December 7, 2004 5:49 pm

Homework. Almost. Over.

:note: Ratatat – “Breaking Away”

What is it with me and avoiding homework? I really need to stop this.

Quick note: I am a horrible procrastinator.

I also have no food.

[edit: 10.40pm]
Printing problems! Error! Error! Help! Help! I went to the Kinko’s nearest my house, and they told me that my project can in no way be completed before 1pm tomorrow afternoon. I HAVE CLASS AT 12:45pm! And a morning class that lasts until 11:45am! I HAVE TO HAVE THIS PRINTED TONIGHT! No other options!!! Must be done! So I gave my CD to them anyway and said go ahead, I’ll try to come in around 12pm. Halfway home, I realized that I don’t even have the sketches done, and I desperately need the printouts in order to complete the sketches. You see, they have to be sketched ON THE PRINTOUTS. There is no option of having them be done tomorrow. None.

In a panic, I called the other (most glorious wonderful great) Kinko’s that I used to go to, before I moved, and I talked to JAMES! and JAMES! said that yes, they’ve been telling people to come back tomorrow as well, but if I brought in my stuff around, oh, 11:30 tonight, he should be able to get it done. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned JAMES! before, but he’s this really funny guy that works at Kinko’s and wants to be friends with Paul, and they hung out once, I think. I haven’t seen him in MONTHS because I’ve been living in this other apartment, nearer to another Kinko’s. This made me sad, having to switch printers, but it’s a long and scary walk to the great one from where I’m at now. Anyway, he’s a very nice man. And he’s totally saving my ass tonight with this printing favor. I wonder if I could get him to bind it for me??? I’ll have to bring my eXacto knife with me.

I called Callie to see if she could give me a ride to this other Kinko’s, because it’s pouring down rain and it’s over a mile of walking and I’m already soaked from walking back and forth to the evil Kinko’s a few times. Paul answered the phone and said that she’s still at the school working on stuff. OF ALL NIGHTS TO DO THAT. Of course, I guess that’s what I’m doing, except I’m not at the school. But I am frantically trying to finish this confounded project. Paul said he’d totally take me, except Callie still has her car keys, and Paul’s car is in Vancouver. So I’m totally out of luck as far as the ride. I think I’m going to take the MAX train, but that’s very sad. I told Paul to have Callie call me if she got home before 11pm or so, because that’s when I was going to leave, so she has another, oh, five minutes or so to call me or I’m going to start walking to the MAX station.

Sometimes, I hate not having a car.

JAMES!, you have totally just saved my GPA. :redheart:

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