November 24, 2004 4:56 pm

Misery Loves Company

:note: Trent Reznor / David Bowie – “I’m Afraid of Americans”

So I have this forum, right, called snackbite, and so far the only members are Abby, Elliot and I. Yup, it sure is popular. Abby went nuts with the board the other day and was posting things left and right, which was great because it made it seem like people visit it. I sort of intend for it to be a place where my friends and fellow Sandpoint-ites can talk about things pertinent to college and SDPT and things. I promise we won’t be mean to you if you join.

Keith is (I think) starting to experience the same sort of neurotic feelings that I’ve been having about school. So while I do feel bad for him, misery loves company and I have somebody to identify with now. I walked with him to his car today, which ended up being parked about… I dunno, four? blocks from where I live. That meant I had company on the way home, which was super nice because I never ever do and it’s very boring walking uphill for 20 minutes with nobody to talk to. Yay for friends. He and I are going to work on our Material Cultures final together because we want to do the same subject. Entryways. We can collaborate on information! :D

In light of that, I have to email him about said project. AND, that re-design of the site for my CSS class isn’t due until next week. YAY! Though that means I have two assignments due in that class next week… :dis: For some reason, I feel strangely at peace with my homework. Maybe I inadvertently channeled my neurosis to Keith. If I did, I apologize, but I’d really rather not have it back.

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