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November 29, 2013 9:39 pm

Christmas Tree

We put up some Christmas decorations today and I seriously love the atmosphere it creates in our apartment. It’s so much more cheerful and exciting in here now.

I told Wesley what to do if he’s under the mistletoe (we have the felt one from West Elm) and he thought was really funny. Three and a half is a great age for understanding Christmas stuff.


We discovered this year that not only were our normal string of lights burnt out, so were the ones that came with the tree when we bought it. I sent Daniel to the store to get some more lights and he saved the day! I even tried out the Martha Stewart / Rockefeller Center method of lighting a tree (up and down stripes vs back and forth horizontally around the tree) and it seemed to work nicely.

Our tree is seriously so ridiculous. It’s basically become a contest of how many ornaments we can fit on it before it either falls over or you can’t see the tree. We totally have enough ornaments for a tree twice the size, but we’ve never lived in a place big enough to fit a full-sized tree. Maybe someday!

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November 19, 2012 9:40 pm

Ex Astris, Scientia

Ever since we moved into this place, I’ve been struggling with what to do about the giant wall behind our television. It’s either been blank, or it’s been a hodgepodge of unrelated things that are spaced awkwardly. Thumbs-down.

Then today, I stumbled across Caravan and was instantly hooked – I liked their chalk artwork best, and when I saw the “Ex Astris, Scientia” Constellation Print, I immediately thought of the horrible wall behind the TV and placed an order.

The cool thing about Caravan is that most of their stuff (if not all of it) is print-it-yourself. They have instructions on how to request 36″x48″ prints on a large-format B&W printer for something like $7, which I managed to do with Staples’s online copy center thing without too much trouble. I have my fingers crossed that Staples prints it correctly; I had to request that they fit it to the paper because the preview didn’t indicate that it would do that automatically.

I’m not sure yet how I’ll hang it up; right now I’m thinking something like this, hung from clear push pins. Regardless, I’m excited to finally have SOMETHING interesting on that wall!

(In case it isn’t obvious, I wasn’t compensated in any way for posting about this – I just really liked this print and it was inexpensive for being so huge!)

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December 7, 2010 1:07 pm

Apartment living with a baby

After stumbling across this Ask Metafilter post about approaching parents of a newborn to tell them their baby is making too much noise, it reminded me how absolutely stressed I was about this before bringing Wesley home.

My main point of anxiety revolved around the neighbors not signing up to bring home a newborn even though we did, and I was really worried someone would say something nasty to us about the noise.

Fortunately, Wesley turned out to be a pretty content little fellow and honestly, he cries more now than he ever did as a newborn. Unexplained crying jags? We had our first around 5 or 6 months and it lasted for about ten minutes and I had no idea what to do. He’d never done it before! Every other time he cried, it was a reasonably easily solved problem. (I had it easy. I know. Trust me when I say I do not take this for granted.)

Back to the post: I feel like the answers in that post are mostly good. You can’t stop a newborn from crying, the parents probably want it to stop more than you do, go buy a white noise machine, etc.

This comment and this one both struck a chord with me, however, because a few people suggested asking the parents to move the baby’s crib in order to mitigate the noise and these people say that’s completely reasonable. I disagree.

I understand that bringing home a baby doesn’t give me the right to disturb neighbors in their own home. I agonized over this for weeks and felt dreadful about even bringing him home because we lived in an apartment.

In our situation, had a neighbor actually complained and asked us to move the crib, I would have scoffed at their faces. We still don’t even own an actual crib, and I am not going to spend extra money (to the tune of several hundred dollars) to buy an actual crib so I can move my brand-new infant from our bedroom with us into the LIVING ROOM so that YOU get a better night’s sleep. I’m sorry, but no.

We are raising Wesley the best way we know how, and right now, that involves co-sleeping and responding quickly when he cries. Acquiescing to a neighbor’s request to relocate my baby’s sleeping quarters would have necessitated a drastic change in our parenting style and there’s no way I would have been okay with that. I can guarantee you that separating me from Wesley would have resulted in more crying, not less.

I guess I’m curious what that person feels a good solution would be. I didn’t (and still don’t) think that I should have to put my life on hold until we manage to live in a single-family dwelling. Surely people bring home babies to apartments (or condos!) all the time?

What say you? Are you in an apartment situation? Did you make a point to be in a house before bringing home a baby? Are we total jerks for not doing that?


March 11, 2010 7:24 pm

35 Weeks – Bedrest

I’ve had an exciting time since my post last week! Recap from Monday’s blood pressure check:

  • BP was terrible (160/90) when they first took it, so about ten minutes later they re-checked and I’m so glad they did, because it improved a ton (134/82).
  • Because it was so high initially and my leg/foot swelling was so bad, the midwife decided to put me on bedrest. Argh! This means I am on the couch or my bed basically 24/7, no going to work, and no grocery shopping or housework or anything. Fortunately, my employer is fine with me working from home to finish out my time until I’m on maternity leave. Yay for flexibility!
  • They took a blood sample to do some bloodwork so they have a baseline in case I start going downhill – they can compare it and see what’s going on.

They scheduled me to come back today to recheck everything. From today’s appointment, bad/mediocre news first, good news next:

  • I had a bit of protein in my urine, and my bloodwork showed elevated levels of uric acid. I don’t actually know what this means, other than it is not really a good sign. The midwife said neither number was particularly alarming, exactly, just not ideal.
  • Because of this, they are having me do the 24-hour urine collect. Boo! I have a fancy brown bottle that I get to fill with my pee and keep in my fridge. Delightful.
  • Blood pressure: 130/80! YAY! Bedrest seems to be working.
  • I lost two pounds! Also yay!
  • Foot swelling is down! I think this is the reason I lost two pounds – it’s all water weight, but since I can move my ankles again I am more than happy to take it.
  • Baby has moved head-down! We had the fastest ultrasound ever, on the same ancient machine, in which she pointed out the white lines that were the edges of his skull and that was it. Baby’s heartbeat sounds great.

Final word was that I don’t have preeclampsia, but she wouldn’t be at all surprised if I developed it, so the goal is to have that happen later rather than sooner. They also bumped me up to twice-weekly appointments to keep a close eye on me, so from here on out I’ll go in Tuesdays and Fridays.


Sounds like a picnic, right? Hanging out on the couch all day?

Not so much. I mean, I’m working from home, so technically I am occupied from the hours of 8:30am-5:30pm, but once you’re forced to be on the couch it becomes much less appealing. Plus, I feel fine! It’d almost be easier if I felt “sick” or otherwise in need of 24/7 resting.

Also, you know how your butt hurts after sitting through a long movie? Imagine days and weeks worth of that. Blah!

I’m not really sure how restrictive I’m supposed to be; I’m allowed to get up for bathroom breaks and the occasional shower, but I’m not sure whether or not I can complete simple sewing projects for instance. I forgot to ask today.

(I am totally flouting the rules to attend my baby shower on Saturday. Wouldn’t miss it for the world!)


I got a call from our building’s maintenance guy on Monday to let me know that during our annual inspection, they discovered some major issues in the bathroom that they’d like to take care of, and basically they want to remodel our bathroom.

Yes. A full bathroom remodel, on our only bathroom, with me at 35 weeks pregnant, on bedrest, with a baby that may or may not come early due to this whole BP issue. DOES THIS NOT SOUND LIKE THE WORST IDEA EVER?

A guy from the company slated to do the remodel stopped by this morning to assess the situation and determine his price and timeline. They need to rip up the floor, fix some nails that are migrating upward, replace the floor, tear out the tile in the shower, fix some squishiness in the walls, re-do the tub surround, and possibly replace the sink.

It was at this point I was told that it would take THREE WEEKS to complete the work. Everyone I’ve talked to has encouraged me to go for it before the baby arrives rather than after, since you don’t want to renovate a bathroom with a newborn in tow, but GOOD GRIEF. I also do not want to be 35+ weeks pregnant and without a bathroom for nearly a month.


At this point, I am waiting to hear back from Maintenance Steve with the landlord’s response to the remodeling company’s assessment and bid. If they decide to go ahead with it, I am going to ask about being put up in a hotel. I’m on bedrest so I can rest from anywhere, but I need a bathroom. This is non-negotiable.

Impeccable timing, no?


November 12, 2009 6:48 pm

Week 18 – Kicky!

This past week, Baby got a LOT more active. I feel him/her throughout the day off and on and they are definite kicks and/or punches. It’s totally awesome and simultaneously really, really weird. Something is kicking my innards! Ack! It is cute now, but I bet it will not be cute several months from now when Baby is kicking the crap out of my lungs or bladder.

I’m still having a fair amount of round ligament pain. Lame. It’s not debilitating or anything but if I’ve been sitting for a while and stand up, I look about 300 years old for the first few steps until my body adjusts to this newfangled thing called “walking.”

I received my shipment of my newborn diapers and OMG SO CUTE. Tiny little diaper covers!

This week’s comparison picture:

18 Weeks

It… does not really look different. I actually think it might be the photo or my outfit or something because I am pretty sure I am noticeably bigger, but I took today’s pictures in a rush to leave for work this morning. Baby is about 5.5 inches long, or as big as a bell pepper. This does not sound adorable to me because I loathe bell peppers but perhaps someone will find this cute. Last week was a turnip, which really cracked me up.

Oh! Also! My ultrasound appointment is scheduled for November 23rd, in the morning, so here’s hoping Baby cooperates and we find out the sex! It will be a Thanksgiving week surprise. (Baby just kicked. He/she says hello.)

Overall, this week has been pretty normal baby-wise and pretty crap other-wise. Our bathroom light decided to fail over the weekend so we called in a maintenance request on Monday, because it was obviously an electrical issue and not a lightbulb issue. We didn’t hear back. Tuesday came and I got a call from the property management company, which I thought was kind of weird since Daniel made the maintenance call, but my phone was on the verge of death so I let it go to voicemail and figured I’d listen and then have Daniel call them back.

My voicemail revealed that they called to let us know that unusually, they did not receive our rent this month.

I could have died.


This is the ONE and ONLY time this has ever happened to me: THE CHECK GOT LOST IN THE MAIL. I am not making this up. It’d be like if your dog really did eat your homework – it just screams HELLO I AM LYING. I swear to effing everything that I mailed it on Nov 2, because I had to beg a stamp off my co-workers because I realized once I made it to work that I forgot to mail it the past Friday.

When Daniel talked to them they didn’t sound like they were going to charge us the late-rent fee but I am not 100% sure on that. They did note that it was very weird to not have received our check (we’ve been here for 2.5 years and haven’t ever been late) and we promised to send another right away, which I did today. (I tried to yesterday but realized when I got home and the envelope was still in the mailbox that there is no mail on holidays.)

GAH. Talk about stress.

Then today, we had a big company meeting at work, and yes, it was that kind of meeting. I still have a job. This is obviously great. But instead of receiving raises for next year, or not receiving raises at all, we are receiving the option of either a 2% deferred pay cut or 5 unpaid furlough days off. The “deferred” apparently means that we are in essence “loaning” that amount of our salary to the company for 2010, and we will get it paid back in 2011. The example they gave was if you started with $1000 this year, next year (2010) you’d make $980, and the year after (2011) you’d make $1020, which is the amount you started with plus the backpay from 2010. If you take the furlough days there is no backpay option, you just take them and that’s that.

I haven’t decided yet what I want to do. My maternity leave will occur next year during the cuts, so I could either choose to have money come in the next year or an extra week home with my baby. AGONIZING. On one hand, we could totally use the money, because hello, we are not rich and also there will be a new baby and hospital bills. On the other hand, what kind of horrible unfit parent would I be to choose money over an extra (unpaid) week with my child? Argh. The pay cut actually seems like the better option so far in terms of long-term planning, but I am going to do some math and work out what makes sense for us. I assume we have to choose by the end of the year.

On the plus side, our bathroom light got fixed today because I received another call from the property management company that I was able to answer, and they offered to send someone by this morning. So I don’t have to do my hair and makeup in the dark anymore like I’ve been doing all week.


September 22, 2009 10:50 am

Spider Season

I’ve decided recently that I really do like Fall. I always used to say Summer was my favorite season but I’m realizing as years go by that this isn’t true – I can’t handle hot weather, I hate being sweaty, and I don’t have a car with which to drive somewhere to go swimming. Overall, it’s not the best.

Fall, however, Fall I can get behind. It’s still warm-ish, but you can start wearing skirts with boots and maybe a sweater and if you’re really adventurous, you can start busting out your winter mittens and hats for chilly mornings. It’s a lovely mix of the best parts of Summer and Winter.

Except for the spiders. I hate the spiders.

They emerge juuuust as soon as it starts cooling down a bit and they take up residence in the bushes and railings and light fixture around our building’s front door. This makes entering and exiting somewhat problematic, like the other day when I came home and had to call Daniel to let me in the back door because some stupid fat spider built a web across half of the stairs and I didn’t want to chance squeezing by it lest it get stuck to me. *shudder*

Fortunately by the time I left for work the next morning, it had moved (or had been moved by someone) and I didn’t have to leave through the back door.

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about the spiders above our door or how we solved that problem, but that one was kind of an isolated (yet horrifying) specimen. There are smaller ones now but there are more of them and I am afraid they are going to get larger and more bold.



January 29, 2009 11:27 pm

News on all fronts

News on the apartment front:

I managed to score a cute, simple little lamp at Target the other day, as well as a much-needed curtain rod. I am still getting used to our curtains, but it’s nice to finally have them up.

About a week and a half ago, I ordered a narrow small side table to sit in between the wall and the couch and I’m still waiting for it to arrive. I don’t totally trust the website. Let’s all hope my table makes it to me safely. And soon. I have some heathered gray felt coasters from Etsy that I’d like to set on it. I am not a crazy coaster person, I promise, but I do think they look nice sometimes.

As you can see over on Flickr, I managed to get our plants repotted! I came close to killing our jade plant on accident and, while I’m still not sure what I did wrong, I’m hoping its new environment will encourage it to keep up the fight. The other plants look happy in their new homes.

Aloe Plant

News on the WTF front:

This could be a whole entry unto itself, but long story short, if I would have actually looked into it, I could have put Daniel on my health insurance aaaaages ago. Instead, I listened to what I was told at work (“No, marriage is not a qualifying event!”) and waited it out until the next Open Enrollment session. I decided to prove a point and email my healthcare provider about this qualifying event business and was told I was correct. HA.

Also, WHY IS HEALTHCARE SO EXPENSIVE? Ugh. I don’t actually know how much I pay for mine, but GOOD GRIEF adding Daniel is a lot of dollars.

News on the snowboarding front:

I have still only gone once so far, but I expect to end up there on Saturday. Woo-hoo!

News on the technology front:

The Netflix video player for Xbox is SO. AWESOME. We’ve been using it to watch documentaries from PBS, The History Channel, and other lovely educational things. I especially enjoyed the one about ocean life. It had all sorts of cephalopods and showed how they can change their colors at will and it was amazing! Loving cephalopods at the moment.

I am also glad that WPMU 2.7 is finally out! I can’t wait to upgrade some of our client sites running it.

…aaand that’s about all that’s going on with me. I can’t believe we’re almost into February!


January 16, 2009 8:20 pm

Living Room Progress

Since you all were so helpful in assisting my big purchase decision, I am now the proud new owner of a Grown-Up Couch from Room & Board.

New Couch!

The couch is positively lovely. It fits both Daniel and I at the same time (lengthwise) and the color is exactly what I expected. It’s a bespeckled white-and-black nubbly fabric that seems like it’ll hide stains reasonably well, which is good because we plan on keeping it for a long time. The pillows will definitely be changed out periodically once I get a good cover collection.

More pictures and long descriptions of our progress:



December 4, 2008 7:37 pm

Big Purchase Update

All right, you talked me into it.

OMG I bought a couch!


We haven’t come to a concrete decision about the rug yet. It is a lot of money and there are nice looking rugs at IKEA that we should probably consider first. I do like the Pottery Barn rug, but… if it were roughly half the sale price I’d definitely go for it. As-is, it’s is a bit much, I think.

So! SQUEE! Couch! Now I feel like I should make some festive throw pillows to adorn it once it arrives. Thank you all for your advice – it helped put things in perspective and I think we made the right choice. :D


December 1, 2008 5:29 pm

Big Purchases

Since it’s well-documented that I am a rug dunce and am trying to beautify my living room, I need some outside opinions.

I want this rug:

Moorish Tile Rug in Clementine from Pottery Barn

Daniel and I have been saving for an occasion like this, and the only other big-ticket item we are seriously considering is the Eugene sofa in Dita Salt:

Eugene Sofa in Dita Salt from Room and Board

This couch, sadly, is being discontinued so we either need to decide to purchase it ASAP or find another couch we like.



  • I like this rug. That is more than I can say for many other rugs I have seen.
  • It would work nicely in either the living room or the bedroom. Multi-purpose!
  • It’s on sale. Rugs are expensive and this definitely makes a difference.


  • I might like the couch more. It’s not an either-or, just a matter of priorities.
  • THAT IS A LOT OF MONEY, especially if we go for the couch as well.
  • What if it is all wrong and it’s a bad choice and I get both and I’m out $1500? *dies*

Here’s a quick moodboard I made up so you can get an idea of what it might look like with some other items we’re considering:

HELP. Should we go for both? One? Which one? We have been saving and can basically afford both, but doing it all at once is a bit of a hit.


June 17, 2008 9:42 pm

Home Improvement: Bathroom Edition

As a result of receiving a couple of Target gift cards as well as a couple of Bed, Bath and Beyond gift cards as gifts for the wedding, I decided to redecorate our bathroom.


Here are two photos of our bathroom before:

Bathroom: Before Bathroom: Before

Things worth mentioning about our bathroom:

  • We rent. Therefore, even though I hate hate HATE the fact that we have ½ an electrical outlet for the whole bathroom (the bottom half is the light switch, not another plug area) I cannot do anything about that. I also dislike the lack of storage (we have an over-the-toilet cabinet that came with the apartment) and the really awkward, misshapen area underneath the sink. And the lack of counterspace.

    If I had my way, I would replace the sink with something that:

    • Has a counter
    • Has one spigot instead of individual ones for hot and cold (you can’t ever have WARM water – it’s either scalding or icy cold, unless you turn both on and plug the sink and splash around in the pool that forms. Ick.)
    • Has cabinets underneath for storage
  • I am still not entirely sure if we are allowed to paint or not. I think maybe they said we can’t, but it would be worth asking about because the area above the towels is woefully blank.
  • The walls are very hard and it is incredibly difficult to pound nails into to hang things. It is not concrete or anything, just very bizarre drywall. This limits our art-hanging endeavors.
  • Itemized:
    • Shower curtain and plastic hooks from Target (I think it was on clearance as a set for maybe $10)
    • Mismatched hand-dyed towels, originally white ones from JC Penny for about $4 or $5 each
    • Bright lavender bath mat, hand towel, and bath towel that was a present for my high school graduation five years ago.
    • Blue trash can left over from my days of living at home. Have probably had it since middle school.


Roughly $20. We really didn’t buy anything new for it when we moved in.


Here are some photos of our bathroom after:

Bathroom: After Bathroom: After

The photos are really poor-quality and not very color-accurate (I need a new camera). See the links below to get a better idea of colors.

Things of note about the redecoration:

  • Couldn’t do anything about the over-the-toilet cabinet. It’s not ours to mess with.
  • Itemized:
    • Shower curtain, liner, and metal hooks from Target; $20, $7, and $10 respectively
    • Matching “Cocoa” towels from Bed Bath and Beyond (4 large towels, 1 bath sheet, 2 hand towels, 4 washcloths); $55
    • Bath mat from Target; $30
    • Not pictured since we haven’t bought it yet, but Rubbed Bronze trash can from Target; $20


Roughly $150. Most of it was on gift cards.


I love it! It looks so much nicer now that things are color-coordinated and actually given some thought. Looking at these photos, it would appear that I bought a shower curtain and a towel and called it good, but it really looks so much nicer in person and with natural light. The nighttime+flash look is never pretty. The mat is a nice cream and sage green, the towels are this rich, chocolatey brown, and the shower curtain is very lightweight and brings in not only the leaf imagery from the bath mat but the black and white of the floors.

See, I told you the HGTV was getting to me.


February 28, 2008 8:08 pm

Again with the spiders.

This time they are not on our porch, but they keep showing up in the bathroom. We have killed three identical spiders in the past week and I AM NOT ENJOYING IT.

This morning’s spider was found on the inside of the shower curtain, so I tried to push the curtain closer to the front wall of the shower to get a better squishing area, but the spider fell over and I had to shake the curtain to get it to fall into the tub. Then I squished it with a Q-tip box. Gross.

The spider prior to that scared me half to death as it appeared on the OUTSIDE of the shower curtain, conveniently right by my head as I was rinsing my mouth out after brushing my teeth. Horrifying. It climbed its way to the back wall of the shower and then on to the ceiling, whereupon Daniel tried to squish it with a broom but it FELL and I screamed and somehow it ended up dead. I don’t really recall that part.

The first spider was spotted in the morning as I was getting ready for work. I saw its reflection in the mirror and couldn’t figure out if it was just a weird paint spot or something more sinister. I turned around and saw that it was sinister and on the move. It climbed all over the wall and the shower and our shower caddy and Daniel’s shampoo and generally violated everything cleanly in the general shower region. Ugh.

And then I lost it.

I had no idea where it was hiding. I didn’t see it on the wall, the shower curtain, the shower caddy, any of the bottles or soap things… It was lost. I HATE THAT. If there is a creepy spider in the room, as counterintuitive as it sounds, I would like to know where it is at all times. And I lost it. And I had to leave for work right then.

This meant that I had to leave a note. It was a horrible note, as no one wants to wake up to something that says:

BEWARE: Spider in the shower. Tried to kill it but it got lost.

Poor Daniel. He said he wasn’t sure if he appreciated the note or if he would have felt better discovering it on his own. I still maintain I could not have gone to work with a clean conscience if I hadn’t at least warned him. But he managed to find the spider and kill it, so all is well.

Semi-unrelated tangent: After dispatching the spider, I jumped into the shower and several minutes later had another terrific scare. You know how water sometimes makes weird noises on plastic shower curtains if it hits it just right? This made some godawful noise like a croaking frog-man growl and my heart flew into my throat and I jumped and generally had the everloving wits scared out of me. By water. In the shower. Where you are probably the most vulnerable ever. It was awful.

I just hate when mornings start out like that.


January 28, 2008 8:59 pm

Basement Horror Update!

Maintenance has started cleaning! [Read the beginning of the story here.] We were supposed to have a follow-up visit today (our kitchen cupboards appear to be detaching themselves from the ceiling so we mentioned it when they came in last week) and I left a note about the mess in the basement. The note was still there when I got home from work, but Daniel and I ran downstairs and checked and they have totally made progress.

They got rid of all the boxes and opened up all the storage units (except ours – I think it’s the only one being used) and shoveled out the foul grossness on the shelves. It actually looks kind of nice down there now. I didn’t take any follow-up photos but trust me, SO MUCH BETTER.

I still suspect that the maintenance people were the ones that discovered it and dragged the boxes out to begin with, but I still felt like too long a time went by before they really cleaned it out, hence leaving a note. And, yay! No more grossness.

I loved all of your comments about how gross it was. I mean, on a whole I don’t mind mice. I am not afraid of them. Even so, I do not want to live with them and have them leave that kind of filth behind, because YOW. It was like I could feel myself contracting Hantavirus.


January 22, 2008 9:28 pm

The Horror In The Basement

I don’t do laundry nearly enough. If it gets really bad, I can usually find some long-neglected, ill-fitting t-shirt to wear for the day until I can get home to do laundry (or ask Daniel to take care of it). Today, though, he threw in a load and then later asked me to go downstairs and switch it over. Cool, I said, and off I went.

Upon reaching the basement, I noticed a rather… pungent smell. Sort of like cat pee. But there are not any cats in the building. I looked around, thinking maybe it was my imagination or maybe a cat zoomed in the building and peed in the basement? And died there? I did notice a bunch of cardboard boxes all over the floor in front of the haphazardly built storage units, but didn’t think much of it.

I finished switching over the laundry and decided to investigate. The closer I got, the worse it smelled, and there were multiple chewed up boxes with furry hairballs and mold spots and piles of what looked like dirt clumps but I think are actually poo. I stood there for a minute, staring at this godawful mess on the floor in front of the storage units, and came to the startling conclusion that A VERITABLE HORDE OF MICE must have been living there for YEARS and have only now been discovered. ACK.


I can only assume (based on our scheduled apartment inspection today) that the maintenance people have discovered this alarming situation and have dealt with the offending storage unit (the cardboard boxes used to live in there, not on the floor) by spreading it all over one end of the basement. The now empty unit looks like a chicken coop. It is SO. GROSS. Layers and layers of poo and cardboard and hairy tufts of grossness and OH MY GOD I DO LAUNDRY DOWN THERE. I have no idea when they are actually going to do something that gets rid of the offending mess, but jeeze I hope they do it soon.

Pictures should be forthcoming, as there is really no way to describe it that will do it justice. I only wish monitors had scratch-n-sniff so you could experience the horror in its entirety.

EDITED TO ADD: Okay, photos!

First, the chewed boxes I came across first:
Closeup of moldy box

Then, the floor in front of the storage unit:
A hint of the filth inside

Theeeeennnn… inside the unit:

And the other wall:



November 14, 2007 8:12 pm

Ding, Dong, The Witch (Spider) is Dead!

Daniel just came home and told me that his co-worker Matt gave him a ride home and…



He held the lamp aside, grabbed a phone book that was laying on the stairs, and SKOOSHED it! (Apparently, he is tall.)

If you need me, I’m going to be composing a heartfelt thank-you card to our wonderful, spider-killing friend.