November 29, 2013 9:39 pm

Christmas Tree

We put up some Christmas decorations today and I seriously love the atmosphere it creates in our apartment. It’s so much more cheerful and exciting in here now.

I told Wesley what to do if he’s under the mistletoe (we have the felt one from West Elm) and he thought was really funny. Three and a half is a great age for understanding Christmas stuff.


We discovered this year that not only were our normal string of lights burnt out, so were the ones that came with the tree when we bought it. I sent Daniel to the store to get some more lights and he saved the day! I even tried out the Martha Stewart / Rockefeller Center method of lighting a tree (up and down stripes vs back and forth horizontally around the tree) and it seemed to work nicely.

Our tree is seriously so ridiculous. It’s basically become a contest of how many ornaments we can fit on it before it either falls over or you can’t see the tree. We totally have enough ornaments for a tree twice the size, but we’ve never lived in a place big enough to fit a full-sized tree. Maybe someday!

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