September 30, 2015 5:19 pm

Saga of the Storage Locker

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After completing a long distance moving journey, we finally got the key to the storage. Not one, not two, but THREE WEEKS after we moved in. Which means we spent a good portion of the day continuing to arrange our belongings. The mattresses, box springs and bed frames all needed to go into a climate controlled self storage unit from a nearby self storage facility, along with a tent and various other needed-but-not-constantly-needed items. They’ve been hogging up space in our front closet and in the living room for three weeks now, since the crazy landlord lady didn’t give us the key right away.

As it turns out, she did give “Daniel” the key, but um, it was a different Daniel, in a different building. So some random dude in Portland has a key to the Masterlock guarding our storage area. Yay. She came by a few days later to give us our key, after she got our message about still not having it. How weird is that?

Also, I have tested out a company called winkflash. They print your digital photos for you for .12c each, and they only charge a .99c flat rate shipping fee, meaning whether you order 2 photos or 2000, you still only pay .99c to ship the order. I ordered 13 prints in the early early morning (read: 12:30am) of the 27th, I got an email on the 28th saying my order was processed and shipped, and I received them today, the 30th – FROM RHODE ISLAND. The prints are of nice quality, on photo paper (I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between these and film photos if I was asked) and come with an index print that shows thumbnails of all the photos in the order. I’m actually very satisfied with them, and I think I’m going to do all my photo printing through them from now on. Those weird kiosk/vending machine things in drugstores never seem like they’d do a good job.

winkflash even has little organizer “album” things, and you can have as many as you want and can upload as many photos as you want. There’s no bandwidth limit. I think they’re great.

So yes, our apartment is a bit cleaner and I have new fun photos. Hurray!

Oh, I finally updated my “currently” information (after almost two months, sorry!) and added my countdown and an “elsewhere” bit. Just to spice things up, I guess!

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