April 6, 2020 7:25 pm

Face Mask

The low-grade fever I mentioned in my last post? It lasted TEN WHOLE DAYS. I never did get any respiratory symptoms, though I did have a “bounding pulse” (where you can feel your pulse throughout your whole body) and the occasional terrible headache. The pulse thing lasted for a couple of days after the fever stopped and it felt awful so I’m very glad it has pretty much gone away.

Did I have COVID-19? I have no idea. Since testing isn’t widespread and I didn’t have any respiratory symptoms, I assumed I wouldn’t be able to be tested and just waited it out at home and figured I’d try to get a test if respiratory symptoms set in, which they did not.

I was pretty much a human slug with cotton balls for brains for those two weeks and ignored the children’s schooling and all responsibilities except my tiny allotted amount of work hours per week that I can do from home. Immediately after the fever went away I looked up Duolingo and began learning Norwegian. Jeg er en kvinne og jeg heter Meggan! I have also been very tempted to buy this guide to kulning but haven’t gone through with it yet. Kulning is amazing, I watched this guide by Maria Misgeld and it really made me think I could do it.

Today marked week three of filing and certifying for unemployment and the stupid website still says “Pending Issue Stopping Payment” and I haven’t received any money. The first week is typically a waiting period (though that was waived after I applied) so I wasn’t expecting it right away, but come on! Three weeks?! I have paid into this my whole life, just let me access these funds so I can buy groceries. If you think you’ve given money to me in error, fix it later!!! You know where to find me! Bills don’t wait so I don’t see why unemployment funds wait.

A face mask with elastic ear straps and a floral lining.

I sewed Daniel a face mask today because he has to physically go in to work tomorrow for the first time in three weeks. I’m sure it’s better than nothing but I’m also sending him with a leftover N95 mask from when we redid our living room floor in 2015 because I think it’ll be more effective.

Coffee needs to be roasted and I’m glad he’s still employed, but it does make me nervous.

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