May 2, 2019 1:53 pm

Buffy Merch Roundup

Yesterday was the final episode of Season 4 for the Buffering the Vampire Slayer podcast, and I now that I will have a hole in my life on Wednesdays until they come back in September, I wanted to do a roundup of the Buffy merch hanging out on my wishlist.

Girl Gang Tee

I live for Slayer (the band) and slayer (the chosen one) mashups! I have a different mashup tee that seems to have disappeared from the Internet entirely, and I would love this one too.

Get it here: Girl Gang Tee by Buffering The Vampire Slayer

Slayerette Enamel Pin

This cute pin was designed by Kate Leth! There’s also a matching “Cordette” pin if you’re a Cordelia fan (and why would you not be?).

Get it here: Slayerette Enamel Pin by Buffering the Vampire Slayer

Team Buffy Enamel Pin

So many good things happening here, including the scythes and stakes and the teensy-weensy little gravestones.

Get it here: Team Buffy Enamel Pin by ProphecyGirlClothing

If My Heart Could Beat Enamel Pin

“If my heart could beat, it would break my chest” is from Spike’s song (Rest in Peace) from the musical episode of BTVS!

Get it here: If My Heart Could Beat It Would Break My Chest Enamel Pin by The Silver Spider

Pain That You Feel Enamel Pin

Also a line from Spike in the musical BTVS episode. The Silver Spider has a ton of amazing items and always has entertaining IG Stories. My faves have been her Veronica Mars and Buffy rewatches!

Get it here: Pain That You Feel Enamel Pin by The Silver Spider

Bourbon Not Blood Enamel Pin

Another winner from The Silver Spider! Spike’s flask of bourbon.

Get it here: It’s Not Blood, It’s Bourbon by The Silver Spider

Be Like Buffy Tee

Pink and black and an excellent life motto.

Get it here: Be Like Buffy by TopGeek

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